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Information about PeopleQuiz
PeopleQuiz is a project currently being worked on by some trivia lovers in their spare time. Here's who we are:

PeopleQuiz Co-Owners:

Bill Brauer (bill)

Bill had the original idea for PeopleQuiz and "dragged" Dave into it back in 2006. Since then, the site has grown a great deal. Bill has gained many new friends during this time which, to him, is the most rewarding part of this venture. Bill's duties involve customer service and marketing for PeopleQuiz. He enjoys writing quizzes in all subject areas and adding biographies to the site. Bill loves progressive rock, American history, TV sitcoms, football and hockey. Bill works for an online publishing company as a sales rep and lives in Ypsilanti, MI with his wife Dana and children Garrett, Krystal, Tristan and Charles. Bill's vision is to grow PeopleQuiz large enough to make a semi-retirement living from it whilst maintaining the personal contacts and customer service for which PeopleQuiz is known.

Dave Halliwill (dave)

Dave has designed and developed all the software and data structures for PeopleQuiz and enjoys developing software applications and seeing people use them. Dave's favorite Categories are History and Science and Nature. He has been married since 1994 and has 3 lovely children, 12, 11, and 9. He enjoys camping and gardening. Dave has over 20 years of Information Technology experience in a variety of roles and has worked for several fortune 500 companies over the years. He has a Master of Engineering in Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Aided Design from Eastern Michigan University. Dave is responsible for technology research and strategy as well as website design, development, and technical support.

PeopleQuiz Volunteer Administrators:

Grant Heaton (grant228)

Grant is the longest-standing active PeopleQuiz author/player. He is a self-described "life-long collector of information, both useful and useless." He has written a large array of quizzes most of which focus on history, government and literature. Grant's writing style reflects a man who is well-read, well-educated and well-spoken. Grant lives in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, AU so naturally, he is our Australian expert! Grant is a husband and father and is proud of his profession as a teacher. His claim to fame is his 2009 appearance on the Australian quiz show, "The Einstein Factor" in which his special subject was U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. We thank you, Grant!

Phil Grigsby (dartjock)

Phil states: "It's an honor to be a part of PeopleQuiz. I love this site and the people on it." A native of Milan, Indiana, Phil loves sports, trivia, TV and music, especially "hair bands." He has written an amazing 165 quizzes since registering in November, 2011 (and growing). He is engaged to be married very soon. Phil is the proud father of 6 children - 4 girls and 2 boys, has recorded one song and loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're happy to have you, Phil!

Joe Dawson (Joe_51)

Joe resides in Vancouver, BC so needless to say, he is our expert on Canada. He is an Old West aficionado and has written several quizzes on this subject. Aside from history, he also marks movies and TV as his favorite PeopleQuiz categories. Joe also enjoys "fine tuning" our current quizzes, checking for spelling and grammar errors. Thanks for doing the dirty work, Joe! Joe lives with his 7-year old Shepherd/Rottweiller, Aramis who, according to Joe, is the "the sweetest dog you could ever hope to meet" and Athos, his 6-year old Golden Retriever, who lives for love. He resides with Marilyn (Zira) as well, who is also a member of PeopleQuiz.

PeopleQuiz Hall of Fame:
Some of the other players who have helped shape PeopleQuiz throughout the years are: 0zero0 (Lynne), BubblyJolie (Alana), dartjock (Phil), FrankL1965, grant228, GrantBeagle, Joe_51, LittleLady (Marilyn), lmcubs (Kathi), patrickryan, phonerec (Deb), Samurai Sam, scarlettem (Phoebe), tazzytina, and zendyk (Lis).

We consider phonerec (Deb) our resident blogger :)

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