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Biography Quizzes - Ancient History
Biograpy Quizzes are quizzes in which you guess the identity of a person given a series of hints.
These are fast and fun!
  • 182 Ancient History
    1.     African American Muslim minister and Human Rights Activist (1008) patrickryan
    2.     Catholic Saint (958) patrickryan
    3.     Father of empiricism. (981) patrickryan
    4.     Newsman (980) patrickryan
    5.     One Tough Mystic (1031) patrickryan
    6.     Political Patriach (1014) patrickryan
    7.     Sucessful Tinpot Dictator? (816) patrickryan
    8.     Temperance Advocate (944) patrickryan
    9.     Vice President and Scoundrel (1021) patrickryan®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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