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Trivia Quizzes - History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
102 Indira Gandhi - First Female Prime Minister of IndiaHistory, Indian HistoryIndira Gandhi  grant22827752.1
103 Narendra Modi - India's 15th Prime MinisterHistory, Indian History  grant2282162.9
104 Guglielmo Marconi - Father of Wireless TelegraphyHistory, Scientists, Italian HistoryGuglielmo Marconi  grant2282341.7
105 Samuel Morse - Inventor of the TelegraphHistory, American History, Technology, ScientistsSamuel F Morse  grant2285244.4
106 Henry Morton Stanley - Journalist and ExplorerHistory, American History, British History  grant2282556.8
107 Harriet Beecher Stowe - U S Author and Social ConscienceHistory, American Civil War, Literature, American Culture, AuthorsHarriet B Stowe  grant2283637.5
108 Marquis de SadeHistory, French History  grant2281450
109 D-Day Part IIHistory, World War II  grant2287548.8
110 Stonewall Jackson - Legendary Civil War GeneralAmerican Civil War, History  grant22810156.7
111 Donald Trump - The DonaldHistory, American History, American CultureDonald Trump  grant22812060
112 Bernie Sanders - Political MaverickHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2282157.1
113 54th Massachusetts RegimentHistory, American History, American Civil War  grant22813860.4
114 Edmund Hillary - Conqueror of EverestHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Edmund P Hillary  grant228764.3
115 Ida Wells-Barnett - Civil Rights CrusaderHistory, American History  grant22810655.8
116 Calamity Jane - Frontier WomanHistory, American History, American Frontier Explorers  grant2287841
117 Mata Hari - Femme FataleHistory, World War I  grant2283755.4
118 Annie Oakley - Little Miss Sure ShotHistory, American HistoryAnnie Oakley  grant2286359.7
119 Ralph Waldo Emerson - U S poet, essayist and philosopherHistory, American History, Literature, Authors, American AuthorsRalph W Emerson  grant2284562
120 Marcus Aurelius - Stoic EmperorHistory, Ancient History  grant2284358.8
121 Mt RushmoreHistory, American History  grant2288155.3
122 The Statue of LibertyHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2281047
123 The Sydney Opera HouseHistory, Australian History  grant2281452.9
124 The Great Wall of ChinaHistory, Chinese History  grant2286543.2
125 Condaleeza Rice - Vibrant Secretary of StateHistory, American History, American Government  grant2281653.1
126 Unreliable PredictionsHistory, Culture  grant228460
127 Battle of BannockburnHistory, British History  grant2282172.9
128 Mike Pence - U.S. Vice PresidentHistory, American History, American Vice Presidents  grant2282866.1
129 Augustus Caesar History, Ancient HistoryAugustus Caesar  grant22812971.3
130 All About HangingsHistory  grant228935.6
131 Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian BushHistory, Literature, Authors, Australian History  grant2286552
132 Malala Yousafzai - Women's Rights ChampionHistory  grant22810059
133 Prince Philip - The "Duke of Hazard" Part IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2281353.1
134 Women Who Were First at Something - Part IIHistory, American Culture, Amazing "Firsts" in History!  grant2281745.9
135 Women Who Were First at Something Part IIIHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, Various  grant2281260.8
136 Clarence Darrow - Lawyer for the UnderdogHistory, American History, Crime & LawClarence S Darrow  grant2281147.3
137 Jonathan Swift - Sharp-eyed SatiristHistory, Literature, Authors, British HistoryJonathan Swift  grant22817545
138 Christopher Columbus - Part 2History, Spanish HistoryChristopher Columbus  grant228946.7
139 Winston Churchill - The Early YearsHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersWinston S Churchill  grant2281459.3
140 Winston Churchill -The Middle YearsHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersWinston S Churchill  grant228963.3
141 World War II - 1939History, World War II  grant2283352.4
142 World War II - 1940History, World War II  grant2281457.9
143 World War II - 1941History, World War II  grant2281759.4
144 World War II - 1942History, World War II  grant2281761.8
145 World War II - 1943History, World War II  grant228970
146 John Milton - English PoetHistory, Literature, British Authors, British History  grant2282764.8
147 Walter Raleigh - Explorer, Politician and WriterHistory, British HistoryWalter Raleigh  grant2283066
148 World War II - 1944 Part 1History, World War II  grant2281150.9
149 World War II 1944 - Part 2History, World War II  grant2281053
150 World War II 1945 - The European CampaignHistory, World War II  grant228955.6
151 The Great Influenza PandemicHistory, Various, Doctors & Medicine  grant2281450
152 World War II 1945 - The Pacific CampaignHistory, World War II  grant228765.7
153 Joseph McCarthy - Controversial SenatorHistory, American History, American GovernmentJoseph McCarthy  grant2281262.5
154 John Monash - Esteemed Australian GeneralHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant228666.7
155 The Chappaquiddick IncidentHistory, American History, Crime & Law  grant2282563.3
156 Richard "The Lionheart"History, British History  grant2286262.7
157 Gioachino Rossini - Masterful Italian ComposerHistory, Music, Italian History  grant228751.4
158 Australian Political ScandalsHistory, Australian History  grant228380
159 ScandalsHistory, Culture  grant228373.3
160 English Channel SwimsHistory, Sports  grant228852.5
161 Scott Morrison - 30th Prime Minister of AustraliaHistory, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2281066
162 John McCain - Hero, Patriot, Maverick, LeaderHistory, American HistoryJohn S McCain  grant228582
163 Melania TrumpHistory, American History, Presidential First Ladies  grant2283565.4
164 Meghan Markle - Duchess of SussexHistory, British Royalty  grant2281665.6
165 The Great Fire of LondonHistory, British History  grant228666.7
166 Michael Faraday - Influential ScientistHistory, Science & Nature, Scientists, British HistoryMichael Faraday  grant228572
167 Nicolaus Copernicus - Astronomical TrailblazerHistory, Science & Nature, ScientistsNicolaus Copernicus  grant2282052.5
168 Fyodor Dostoevsky - Russian NovelistHistory, Literature, Authors, Russian HistoryFyodor M Dostoevsky  grant2283055.3
169 Theodore Roosevelt - Personal QuestionsHistory, American History, American PresidentsTheodore Roosevelt  grant2281178.2
170 Thomas Malthus - Population ProphetHistory, British HistoryThomas Malthus  grant228285
171 Robert G Ingersoll - "The Great Agnostic"History, Religion, American History  grant2281100
172 Hypatia of AlexandriaHistory, Ancient History  grant2281544
173 Jack Johnson - The first black heavyweight boxing championHistory, American History, Boxing  grant228582
174 The Wives of Henry VIIIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2283167.4
175 Desmond Doss - The Bravest of the BraveHistory, American History, World War II  grant2282578.4
176 Joseph Banks - Renowned BotanistHistory, Australian History  grant228564
177 Australian Prime Ministers - Part 4History, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant228866.3
178 Mark Antony - Tragic Roman leaderHistory, Ancient History  grant228270
179 Rolls & Royce - The Partnership that Built an Icon.History, Automotive Industry, British History  grant228648.3
180 Leo and Sofya Tolstoy - A strained relationship!History, Authors  grant228353.3
181 Jimmy Swaggart - Preaching, Praying and ProstitutesHistory, American History  grant228373.3
182 Prime Ministers of BritainHistory, British History, British Prime Ministers  grant228285
183 Thomas More - English MartyrHistory, British History  grant228386.7
184 The Battle of WaterlooHistory, British History, French History  grant228878.8
185 Betty Ford - Independent First LadyHistory, Presidential First LadiesBetty Ford  grant228373.3
186 Giordano Bruno - "A Martyr of Science"History, Religion, Italian History  grant228857.5
187 Patricia Nixon - First Lady of the United StatesHistory, American History, Presidential First Ladies  grant228548
188 Battle of the BulgeHistory, World War II  grant2281265.8
189 Martha Jefferson RandolphHistory, Presidential First Ladies  grant2281100
190 Who Said It? Famous QuotesHistory  zendyk3235.9
191 Counter-Culture FiguresHistory, Culture  patrickryan6362.5
192 Alfred NobelScientists, HistoryAlfred B Nobel  patrickryan29556.8
193 Lost Submarines: Post WWIIHistory, Deep Sea Exploration, Technology  patrickryan2442.1
194 Jesus Christ - The Reason for ChristmasHistory, Religion, Christianity, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Jesus Christ  patrickryan12061.2
195 Moon Walkers and Those That Circled the MoonHistory, Space Exploration  patrickryan3463.5
196 Léon Theremin: Electronics WhizHistory, Music, ScientistsLéon Theremin  patrickryan658.3
197 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2History  patrickryan4342.1
198 Margaret SangerHistory, American CultureMargaret Sanger  patrickryan9454.3
199 Titanic: Legacy of TragedyHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!  9364.2
200 Alexander the GreatHistory, Ancient History Alexander the Great  torchwood19774658.7

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