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Trivia Quizzes - American Culture

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Product SlogansBusiness, American Culture  ravioli7,16249.3
3 Product Slogans #3Business, American Culture  tazzytina38777.2
4 Michigan Celebrity FactsAmerican Culture  dave13867.7
5 U.S. State MottosAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina16939.3
6 Chocolate: Learn All About It!American Culture, Food & Drink  tazzytina48245.2
7 American Flag Facts & HistoryAmerican History, American Government, American Culture, North American Geography  tazzytina9,38079.5
8 U.S.A. - State Nicknames Match GameAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina45962.5
9 Famous People from Washington StateAmerican Culture  lmcubs10872.8
10 Famous People from OregonAmerican Culture  lmcubs10263.6
11 Grab BagAmerican Culture  scarlettem20055.6
12 Detroit Celebrities of the 60s and 70sAmerican Culture  bill36570.3
13 Product Slogans #2Business, American Culture  bill81567.7
14 Disneyland, The Happiest Place on EarthAmerican Culture  lmcubs21347.8
15 The Hatfields & The McCoys: American FeudAmerican History, American Culture  scarlettem1,32263.5
16 Product Slogans #4Business, American Culture  lmcubs27347.8
17 Car Advertising SlogansAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam86833.9
18 Ford Mustang: America's First Pony CarAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,97852.7
19 Harley Davidson: American Iron HorseAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam2,26963.5
20 Kennedy Family TragediesAmerican History, American Culture  bill39773.3
21 America's National ParksAmerican Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author25067.6
22 America's National Parks: Part 2American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author10562.9
23 America's National Parks: Part 3American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author8265
24 Silly Cereal CharactersAmerican Culture, Food & Drink  lmcubs13936.5
25 Cereal Mascots: The 1950s and 1960sBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam42340
26 Fair Tax FactsAmerican Government, American Culture  bill8961.8
27 Find the Right HanderAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam18022.1
28 Thanksgiving in AmericaAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill14760.4
29 State Quarters #1History, American Culture  lmcubs9569.7
30 Cars of the 1950s: Part 1American Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,36057.8
31 See the USA in Your Chevrolet: The 1950sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam59664.6
32 See the USA in Your Chevrolet: The 1970sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam54646.9
33 Fords of the 1950sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam64352
34 Fords of the 1960sAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam20553.8
35 Fords of the 1970sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam30253
36 Muscle Cars: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam3,23665
37 Cars of the 1950s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam86461.9
38 See the USA in Your Chevrolet: The 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam42458.2
39 Cars of the 1960s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,51657.7
40 Cars of the 1960s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,47748.5
41 Cars of the 1970s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam84358.1
42 The New Year's Eve BallAmerican Culture  0zero022134.3
43 1980's Marriages of the Rich and FamousAmerican Culture  grant22833673.3
44 Woodstock Festival: An Aquarian ExpositionMusic, American Culture  bill12051
45 Famous People from Ann Arbor, MichiganAmerican Culture  bill12845.8
46 Famous People from MissouriAmerican History, American Culture  grant2289957.7
47 Memorial Day in AmericaAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill40656.9
48 Famous Eagle Scouts: Go Scouting!American History, American Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  bill48048.3
49 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired FlavorsBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  FRANKL196524754.7
50 American Theme Park LocationsAmerican Culture, North American Geography  FRANKL196510375
51 General Motors: Identify the BrandAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  FRANKL196539465.8
52 Denim Jean SlogansAmerican Culture  FRANKL196535444.8
53 Product MascotsBusiness, American Culture  FRANKL196513383.8
54 M & M's - They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!American Culture, Food & Drink  phonerec99246.3
55 SS Edmund Fitzgerald: "Queen of the Lakes"American History, Business, American Culture  bill11968.9
56 Some Corrupt Politicians - Redundant?Crime & Law, American Government, American Culture  patrickryan4157.8
57 Ford Model TAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  bill55454.7
58 U.S.A. - State NicknamesAmerican Culture, U.S. States  patrickryan32766.5
59 U.S.A. - State Nicknames IIAmerican Culture, U.S. States  patrickryan13755.1
60 Quotes about PoliticiansAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan5440.6
61 Quotes about Politicians: Part IIAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan2656.2
62 Pin-Up Girls of the World War II EraWorld War II, American Culture  bill15767.3
63 Athletes Behaving BadlySports, American Culture  patrickryan7162
64 Groundhog DayAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill79060.5
65 Gunfight at the O.K. CorralOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  53074.1
66 Celebrity TriviaAmerican Culture  patrickryan14458.7
67 Celebrity Trivia #2American Culture  patrickryan9443.5
68 Cereal MascotsTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Food & Drink  dartjock23571
69 Arsenic and Old Lace - Comedy ClassicMovies, Comedy Movies, American Culture  grant22828359.6
70 Boy Scouts of AmericaAmerican Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock36155.6
71 Boy Scouts of America - Part 2American Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock3653.1
72 WrestlemaniaTV, Radio & Stage, Sports, American Culture, Professional Wrestling  dartjock4952.2
73 McDonald's Corporation: Part #2Business, American Culture  dartjock4943.3
74 Major U.S. City NicknamesAmerican Culture, North American Geography  bill29791
75 Yankee Doodle DandyAmerican Culture, Musical Movies  grant22821163.6
76 Fourth of JulyAmerican History, American Revolutionary War, American Culture, Holidays  bill13577.1
77 FireworksCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock1,02841.9
78 Fireworks and their ColorsCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock2940
79 Superman: The Man of SteelAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, American Culture, Animated Movies  dartjock18580.4
80 Wonder WomanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture  dartjock1,51966.9
81 The Lone RangerDrama Movies, Fictional Characters, American Culture, Children's Books  dartjock21977.4
82 Tarzan - Lord of the ApesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Literature, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture, Children's Books, Radio  dartjock17971
83 Liberty BellAmerican History, American Culture  dartjock14959.5
84 Monopoly - The Board GameAmerican Culture  dartjock3944.9
85 Monopoly - Beyond the GameAmerican Culture  dartjock8046.5
86 Dennis the MenaceAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedy Movies, Literature, American Culture  bill38277.3
87 Celebrity Drug Use and AbuseCulture, American Culture  KenKraska12548
88 Celebrity Gun ViolenceCrime & Law, American Culture  KenKraska7659.9
89 John Wesley Hardin: Frontier Bad GuyCrime & Law, Serial Killers, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  KenKraska17842.9
90 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska20949.4
91 The Donner Party: Journey of DoomAmerican Frontier Explorers, American Culture  51060.3
92 Infamous Old West TownsAmerican History, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  21976
93 Famous People Born In IndianaAmerican Culture  dartjock4270.2
94 Famous People from MichiganAmerican Culture  bill5466.9
95 Famous People from OhioAmerican Culture  bill4273.6
96 Famous People from ChicagoAmerican Culture  bill4166.3
97 Chevrolets of the 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam15042.9
98 Full-Sized Ford of the 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam7951
99 Famous People from WisconsinAmerican Culture  bill2866.4
100 Saturn-A Different Kind of Car CompanyBusiness, Culture, American Culture, Automotive Industry, Various  Samurai Sam4153.4
101 Kentucky DerbySports, American Culture  bill6559.7

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