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Trivia Quizzes - Presidential First Ladies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Nancy Reagan: Glamorous First LadyPresidential First LadiesNancy Reagan  bill22345.4
3 Barbara Bush: Wife and Mother of a PresidentPresidential First LadiesBarbara Pierce Bush  bill12454.1
4 Laura Bush: Elegant First LadyPresidential First LadiesLaura Bush  bill10749.6
5 Mary Todd Lincoln: A Tortured SoulPresidential First LadiesMary Lincoln  bill19966.5
6 Jill Biden: Very Educated Second LadyPresidential First LadiesJill Biden  bill10249.5
7 Michelle Obama: Classy First LadyPresidential First LadiesMichelle Obama  bill57751
8 Presidential First Ladies #4Presidential First Ladies  bill19692.2
9 Presidential First Ladies #3Presidential First Ladies  bill16139.8
10 Presidential First Ladies #2Presidential First Ladies  bill18537.1
11 First Families' Secret Service Code NamesPresidential First Ladies  bill26337.2
12  Hillary Clinton: First Lady & BeyondAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett24661.4
13 Hillary Clinton: Her Early LifeAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett15661.7
14 Martha Washington - America's First LadyHistory, American History, Presidential First LadiesMartha C Washington  grant2283851.3
15 Hillary Clinton - Survivor and AchieverAmerican History, World Leaders, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  grant2287850.6
16 Eleanor Roosevelt - A Life of MelancholyAmerican History, Presidential First LadiesEleanor Roosevelt  grant22810550.1
17 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Camelot's First LadyAmerican History, Presidential First LadiesJacqueline Kennedy Onassis  grant22848474.3
18 Bess Truman: Model First LadyPresidential First LadiesBess Truman  grant2288159.1
19 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: A Convenient MarriageAmerican History, American Presidents, American Government, Presidential First Ladies  grant22840459.5
20 Melania TrumpHistory, American History, Presidential First Ladies  grant2283465
21 Abigail AdamsPresidential First LadiesAbigail Adams  patrickryan46356

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