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Trivia Quizzes - Movie Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
101 Eddie MurphyMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Television StarsEddie Murphy  dartjock10257.7
102 Edward G. Robinson: Epic American ActorMovie StarsEdward G Robinson  tristan21257.7
103 Eleanor Parker - Woman of a Thousand FacesMovie StarsEleanor Parker  grant2288659.4
104 Eli Wallach - Versatile Acting LegendMovie StarsEli H Wallach  grant2282143.8
105 Elizabeth Taylor: American Acting LegendMovie StarsElizabeth Taylor  solitaire44962.5
106 Ernest BorgnineMovie Stars, Television StarsErnest Borgnine  bill7259.7
107 Errol Flynn - He Swashbuckled Life!Movie StarsErrol Flynn  grant22810164.2
108 Esther Williams - "America's Mermaid"Sports, Movie StarsEsther Williams  grant2284255.7
109 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5557.6
110 Famous People Named JonesMovie Stars, Culture, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs29177.9
111 Famous People Named MartinMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs42672.7
112 Famous SiblingsHistory, Movie Stars  grant22830555.9
113 Famous Women Married to Famous MenMovie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem18583.3
114 Faye DunawayMovie Stars, Television StarsFaye Dunaway  bill5022.6
115 Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue EyesMusic, Movies, Movie Stars, SingersFrank A Sinatra  grant22812064.1
116 Frankie Avalon: Rockin' Teen Idol & Star!Movie Stars, SingersFrankie Avalon  Secret_Author37550.9
117 Fred Astaire: Dance and Screen LegendMovie Stars, DancersFred Astaire  bill31155.6
118 Fred MacMurray: Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Television Stars, My Three SonsFred MacMurray  bill12062.8
119 Gary Busey: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGary Busey  phonerec5151.6
120 Gary Cooper: Hollywood IconMovie StarsGary Cooper  scarlettem26857.4
121 Gene HackmanMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersGene Hackman  bill6960.9
122 Gene Kelly: Great Dancer & Singer!Movie Stars, DancersGene Kelly  lmcubs54953.6
123 Gene Wilder: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGene Wilder  phonerec70044.1
124 George Burns: Gone But Not ForgottenMovie StarsGeorge Burns  0zero032337.5
125 George Clooney - Debonaire StarMovies, Movie StarsGeorge Clooney  grant2282357.4
126 Ginger Rogers: More Than a Classy Dancer!Movie StarsGinger Rogers  grant22812658.4
127 Goldie Hawn: Her Career - 80's and BeyondMovie StarsGoldie Hawn  0zero036450.7
128 Goldie Hawn: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGoldie Hawn  0zero07348.2
129 Grace Kelly: Actress & PrincessMovie Stars, RoyaltyGrace Kelly  bill23061.1
130 Great Chick Flicks: Who Didn't Star in Them?Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  GrantBeagle15560.1
131 Greer Garson - Movie IconMovies, Movie StarsGreer Garson  grant2281869.4
132 Gregory Peck: Acting LegendMovie StarsGregory Peck  phonerec30845.8
133 Greta Garbo: Exciting and Elusive ActressMovie StarsGreta Garbo  bill6364.3
134 Guy WilliamsMovie Stars, Television StarsGuy Williams  bill2364.3
135 Gwyneth PaltrowMovie Stars, MoviesGwyneth Paltrow  grant228574
136 Hal HolbrookMovie Stars, Television StarsHal Holbrook  bill1353.8
137 Harrison FordMovie StarsHarrison Ford  dartjock3260
138 Hayden Panettiere: Film RolesMovie StarsHayden Panettiere  catherine5344.3
139 Heather Locklear: One Beautiful ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsHeather D Locklear  dartjock3460.6
140 Heather Locklear: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsHeather D Locklear  bill5861.2
141 Henry Fonda: Enduring ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayHenry Fonda  bill9559.7
142 Henry Winkler - Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Television Stars, Happy DaysHenry Winkler  grant22811557.7
143 Hitchcock Actors and Actresses in Multiple RolesMovies, Movie StarsAlfred Hitchcock  grant2284673.3
144 Howards & Howies: Which One is Which?Movie Stars, Pop Music, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam8151.2
145 Hugh Jackman "World's Sexiest Man"Movies, Movie StarsHugh M Jackman  grant2282147.1
146 Humphrey Bogart Movie QuotesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2283459.7
147 Humphrey Bogart: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsHumphrey Bogart  scarlettem20560.1
148 Ingrid Bergman: Sweden's Illustrious Gift to HollywoodMovie StarsIngrid Bergman  dana10359.2
149 Jack Black: Wild Man!Movie StarsJack Black  catherine10459.3
150 Jack Nicholson: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsJack Nicholson  0zero06552.2
151 Jackie GleasonMovie Stars, Television StarsJackie Gleason  bill8265
152 James Cagney: Quintessential Tough GuyMovie Stars, DancersJames Cagney  bill12464.4
153 James Dean: American Cult IconMovie Stars, American CultureJames Dean  bill30365.4
154 James GarnerMovie StarsJames Garner  martha10363.5
155 Jane Russell: Classic Hollywood Glamour GirlMovie StarsJane Russell  dave12155.6
156 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill8642.1
157 Javier Bardem: His MoviesMovie StarsJavier Bardem  bill10540.2
158 Jayne Mansfield: Blonde TemptressMovie StarsJayne Mansfield  tazzytina16362.4
159 Jean Arthur - Queen of ComedyMovie StarsJean Arthur  grant2283354.8
160 Jean Harlow: Blonde, Beautiful & Talented!Movie StarsJean Harlow  tristan11065.3
161 Jean StapletonMovie Stars, Broadway, Television Stars, All in the FamilyJean Stapleton  bill9351
162 Jeff Daniels: Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BroadwayJeff Daniels  dave5964.1
163 Jennifer Aniston: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Friends, Television StarsJennifer Aniston  :PTasha:P18065.4
164 Jennifer Lawrence: Talented ActressMovie StarsJennifer Lawrence  lmcubs1566.7
165 Jennifer Lopez: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Pop MusicJennifer Lopez  bill14256.3
166 Jerry StillerMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsJerry Stiller  bill2748.9
167 Jessica Tandy: Award Winning ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayJessica Tandy  0zero07842.4
168 Joan Crawford: "Mommie Dearest"Movie StarsJoan Crawford  krystal23870.6
169 Joan FontaineMovie StarsJoan Fontaine  bill2765.2
170 Joanne Woodward - All Class!Movies, Movie StarsJoanne GT Woodward  grant2282452.1
171 John Goodman: A Talented Award-Winning ActorTelevision Stars, Movie StarsJohn Goodman  0zero07044.9
172 John Mills Film RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersJohn Mills  grant2282063.5
173 John Travolta: Still Staying AliveMovie StarsJohn Travolta  lmcubs21671.3
174 John Wayne: His Life & CareerMovie StarsJohn Wayne  scarlettem13249.3
175 John Wayne: The Actor, The LegendMovie StarsJohn Wayne  tazzytina1,51356.3
176 Johnny Depp: All About Him!Movie StarsJohnny Depp  lmcubs18852.3
177 Johnny Depp: Talented ActorMovie StarsJohnny Depp  PJacks43773.9
178 Johnny Galecki: Talented Actor!Movie StarsJohnny Galecki  0zero013955.5
179 Johnny Weissmuller - The Definitive TarzanSports, American History, Movie StarsJohnny Weissmuller  grant2285465
180 Judy Garland: Voice Like an AngelMovie Stars, SingersJudy Garland  bill58374.6
181 Julia Louis-DreyfusMovie Stars, Television StarsJulia Louis-Dreyfus  bill8159.6
182 Julia Roberts BasicsMovie StarsJulia Roberts  BubblyJolie19355.1
183 Julie Andrews: Respected & Versatile ActressMusic, Movie StarsJulie Andrews  dave26061.2
184 Julie Christie: Award-Winning ActressMovie StarsJulie Christie  0zero04347.2
185 Juliette Lewis TriviaMovie StarsJuliette Lewis  bill1947.9
186 June LockhartMovie Stars, Television StarsJune Lockhart  bill3966.2
187 Katharine Hepburn: Top Female Movie StarMovie StarsKatharine Hepburn  bill14752.7
188 Kathy Bates: Talented TV and Film ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsKathy Bates  0zero010160.1
189 Keira KnightleyMovie StarsKeira Knightley  bill1761.2
190 Kevin BaconMovie StarsKevin Bacon  bill10158
191 Kevin Kline -versatile and enduring actorMovies, Movie StarsKevin Kline  grant228668.3
192 Kim Cattrall: Sexy in the City!TV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsKim Cattrall  trickymutha4239.3
193 Kirk Douglas: American Screen LegendMovie StarsKirk Douglas  bill6036
194 Kirstie AlleyMovie Stars, Television StarsKirstie Alley  bill3959.5
195 Kristen JohnstonMovie Stars, Television StarsKristen Johnston  bill2153.3
196 Larry Storch: Boy from the Bronx Who Made GoodTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansLarry S Storch  grant2286761
197 Last Movie Roles for Select StarsTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Movie Stars  Samurai Sam3369.4
198 Lauren Bacall: Legendary ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLauren Bacall  dana12756.7
199 Laurence Olivier: Gentleman ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayLaurence Olivier  bill7367
200 Lee Remick: American Stage, Screen and TV ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLee Remick  0zero06251.3

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