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Trivia Quizzes - Television Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Celebrity Birthdates: 1960sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill9541.1
3 Jim Nabors: Shazam!The Andy Griffith Show, Television StarsJim Nabors  bill69261.3
4 Cheech Marin: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsCheech Marin  bill9849.8
5 Don Knotts: Classic TV Actor!The Andy Griffith Show, Television StarsDon Knotts  bill1,20966.5
6 John Astin, Underrated ActorTelevision StarsJohn Astin  bill14163.1
7 Buddy Ebsen: Dancer, Actor & HumanitarianTelevision Stars, DancersBuddy Ebsen  bill37241
8 Celebrity Mish-MashMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill41157.6
9 Heather Locklear: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsHeather D Locklear  bill5861.2
10 Sally Field: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsSally Field  bill8958.1
11 Harvey Korman: Celebrity Personal FileTelevision StarsHarvey Korman  bill5755.1
12 Celebrity Couples' Age DifferencesMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill26934.2
13 Celebrities' Former ProfessionsMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill12039.3
14 Chris Farley: His Comedy CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsChris Farley  bill23248.9
15 Seinfeld: The Actresses Who Played Jerry's GirlfriendsSeinfeld, Television Stars  bill65350.6
16 Mary Tyler Moore: Celebrity Personal FileTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMary Tyler Moore  bill8559.9
17 Vivian Vance: Lucy's Second FiddleI Love Lucy, Television StarsVivian Vance  bill36056.2
18 William Frawley: Life-Long ActorI Love Lucy, Television Stars, My Three SonsWilliam Frawley  bill19061.8
19 Fred MacMurray: Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Television Stars, My Three SonsFred MacMurray  bill12062.8
20 Fred Gwynne: More Than Just a Munster!Television StarsFred Gwynne  bill9658.1
21 Carroll O'Connor: A Solid PerformerMovie Stars, Television Stars, All in the FamilyCarroll O'Connor  bill27153.4
22 Adam West: Forever Batman!Television StarsAdam West  bill18144.1
23 Valerie Bertinelli: Sex Symbol & Polished ActressTelevision Stars, Hot In ClevelandValerie Bertinelli  bill12868.4
24 Robert Young: Steady & Sure ActorMovie Stars, Television StarsRobert Young  bill6059.8
25 Shelley Fabares: American Actress & SingerSingers, Television StarsShelley Fabares  bill8558.6
26 James Arness: Matt Dillon Forever!Television StarsJames Arness  bill30857.9
27 Florence Henderson: Great Actress, Great Voice!Singers, The Brady Bunch, Television StarsFlorence Henderson  bill9443.6
28 Robert Reed: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsRobert Reed  bill9956.7
29 Ann B. Davis: Funny Actress!The Brady Bunch, Television StarsAnn B Davis  bill16647.2
30 Clint Howard: Quintessential Second FiddleMovie Stars, Television StarsClint Howard  bill7845.4
31 Phil HartmanSaturday Night Live, Television StarsPhil Hartman  bill7559.3
32 Fran Drescher: Comic Genius!Comedians, Television StarsFran Drescher  bill15761.1
33 Brad Garrett: Towering ActorTelevision StarsBrad Garrett  bill5553.8
34 Patricia HeatonTelevision StarsPatricia Heaton  bill4656.5
35 Doris RobertsTelevision StarsDoris Roberts  bill7444.3
36 Peter BoyleMovie Stars, Television StarsPeter Boyle  bill6652.3
37 Larry the Cable Guy: Over the Top Hilarity!Comedians, Television StarsDaniel Whitney  bill5362.6
38 Patrick StewartBroadway, Television StarsPatrick Stewart  bill2157.6
39 Ashley JuddMovie Stars, Television StarsAshley Judd  bill7639.7
40 Rob ReinerMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Television Stars, All in the FamilyRob Reiner  bill10154.4
41 Steve CarellTelevision Stars, Movie StarsSteve Carell  bill4373
42 Maura TierneyMovie Stars, Television StarsMaura Tierney  bill1645.6
43 Jackie GleasonMovie Stars, Television StarsJackie Gleason  bill8265
44 Madeline KahnMovie Stars, Television StarsMadeline Kahn  bill7363.7
45 Faye DunawayMovie Stars, Television StarsFaye Dunaway  bill5022.6
46 Kristen JohnstonMovie Stars, Television StarsKristen Johnston  bill2153.3
47 Dick Van DykeMovie Stars, Television StarsDick Van Dyke  bill22658.1
48 Ernest BorgnineMovie Stars, Television StarsErnest Borgnine  bill7259.7
49 Jerry StillerMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsJerry Stiller  bill2748.9
50 Julia Louis-DreyfusMovie Stars, Television StarsJulia Louis-Dreyfus  bill8159.6
51 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill8642.1
52 Michael RichardsComedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsMichael Richards  bill6947.7
53 Wayne Knight: "Hello Newman..."Movie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsWayne Knight  bill4950
54 Micky Dolenz: Always Smiling!Rock -n- Roll, Television Stars, The MonkeesMicky Dolenz  bill15567.1
55 Sid CaesarTelevision StarsSid Caesar  bill11513.2
56 Jean StapletonMovie Stars, Broadway, Television Stars, All in the FamilyJean Stapleton  bill9351
57 Cloris Leachman: Enduring ActressMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowCloris Leachman  bill6549.1
58 June LockhartMovie Stars, Television StarsJune Lockhart  bill3966.2
59 Guy WilliamsMovie Stars, Television StarsGuy Williams  bill2364.3
60 Audrey Meadows & Jayne Meadows: Hollywood SistersMovie Stars, Television StarsAudrey Meadows  bill7849.1
61 Wendie MalickTelevision Stars, Hot In ClevelandWendie Malick  bill3361.5
62 Jane LeevesTelevision Stars, Hot In Cleveland, FrasierJane Leeves  bill9874.1
63 Kelsey GrammerFrasier, Cheers, Television StarsKelsey Grammer  bill9262.9
64 David Hyde PierceTelevision Stars, FrasierDavid H Pierce  bill7955.3
65 Loretta SwitTelevision Stars, M*A*S*HLoretta Swit  bill8654.7
66 Craig T. NelsonMovie Stars, Television StarsCraig T Nelson  bill3949
67 Hal HolbrookMovie Stars, Television StarsHal Holbrook  bill1353.8
68 Dixie CarterMovie Stars, Television StarsDixie Carter  bill2355.2
69 Lily TomlinMovie Stars, Television StarsLily Tomlin  bill4658.7
70 Valerie HarperTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowValerie Harper  bill6261.3
71 Gavin MacLeodTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowGavin MacLeod  bill6160.5
72 Ed AsnerMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowEd Asner  bill6457.8
73 Billy CrystalMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsBilly Crystal  bill8649.5
74 Bob NewhartComedians, Television StarsBob Newhart  bill17264.5
75 Valerie HarperTelevision StarsValerie Harper  bill977.8
76 Kirstie AlleyMovie Stars, Television StarsKirstie Alley  bill3859.7
77 Jeffrey TamborTelevision StarsJeffrey Tambor  bill363.3
78 Rock HudsonMovie Stars, Television StarsRock Hudson  bill5270.2
79 Robert WagnerMovie Stars, Television StarsRobert Wagner  bill9766.7
80 Patrick WarburtonMovie Stars, Television StarsPatrick Warburton  bill1218.3
81 Lou FerrignoSports, Movie Stars, Television StarsLou Ferrigno  bill2478.3
82 Mark HamillMovie Stars, Television StarsMark Hamill  bill3463.5
83 Mila KunisMovie Stars, Television StarsMila Kunis  bill6678.9
84 Peter ScolariMovie Stars, Television StarsPeter Scolari  bill452.5
85 Donna Reed: The Girl Next DoorMovie Stars, Television StarsDonna Reed  catherine17555.7
86 Lucille Ball: A Classic Queen of ComedyI Love Lucy, Television StarsLucille Ball  sa3371,43655.6
87 Eddie Albert: A Lifetime of ActingTelevision StarsEddie Albert  krystal13061.2
88 Tim Allen EssentialsComedians, Television StarsTim Allen  dave30555.8
89 David Spade - Hollywood Funny GuyMovie Stars, Television StarsDavid Spade  dave9765.5
90 Alan Alda: Awesome Actor!Television Stars, M*A*S*HAlan Alda  dave34048.8
91 Angie DickinsonMovie Stars, Television StarsAngie Dickinson  dave22956.3
92 Lisa RinnaTelevision StarsLisa Rinna  dave4157.3
93 Eva Gabor: More Than Mrs. Douglas!Television StarsEva Gabor  dana6463.3
94 Sandra Bernhard: Big Time ComedienneComedians, Television StarsSandra Bernhard  MrMarbles6354.3
95 Barbara Eden: Lovely and Talented Actress!Television StarsBarbara Eden  charles29151
96 Ken Berry: Versatile Actor and DancerTelevision Stars, DancersKen Berry  charles14466.5
97 Harry Morgan: Ready & Steady ActorTelevision Stars, M*A*S*HHarry Morgan  madman23557.6
98 Morgan FairchildMovie Stars, Television StarsMorgan Fairchild  madman2035
99 Jenny McCarthyTelevision StarsJenny McCarthy  martha9259
100 Emily DeschanelTelevision Stars  BubblyJolie18871.3
101 David Boreanaz: American ActorTelevision StarsDavid P Boreanaz  BubblyJolie26860.6

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