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Trivia Quizzes - Television Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
101 Jack Cassidy: Stage, Screen and Television StarDrama Movies, Television Stars, TV DramasJack Cassidy  5176.7
102 Jack Klugman: Venerable American ActorTelevision StarsJack Klugman  3268.4
103 Jackie GleasonMovie Stars, Television StarsJackie Gleason  bill8165.1
104 James Arness: Matt Dillon Forever!Television StarsJames Arness  bill32358
105 Jane LeevesTelevision Stars, Hot In Cleveland, FrasierJane Leeves  bill10774.2
106 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill9043.4
107 Jean StapletonMovie Stars, Broadway, Television Stars, All in the FamilyJean Stapleton  bill9250.8
108 Jeffrey TamborTelevision StarsJeffrey Tambor  bill363.3
109 Jennifer Aniston: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Friends, Television StarsJennifer Aniston  :PTasha:P18865.7
110 Jenny McCarthyTelevision StarsJenny McCarthy  martha9459.4
111 Jerry StillerMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsJerry Stiller  bill4546.4
112 Jim Nabors: Shazam!The Andy Griffith Show, Television StarsJim Nabors  bill70461
113 John Astin, Underrated ActorTelevision StarsJohn Astin  bill14263
114 John Goodman: A Talented Award-Winning ActorMovie Stars, Television StarsJohn Goodman  0zero07544.3
115 John Mahoney: American ActorTelevision Stars, FrasierJohn Mahoney  6859.7
116 John Ritter- Very Funny ManTelevision StarsJohn Ritter  dartjock3459.1
117 John Walsh: Crime FighterCrime & Law, Television StarsJohn Walsh  dartjock3059.7
118 Julia Louis-DreyfusMovie Stars, Television StarsJulia Louis-Dreyfus  bill8158.5
119 June LockhartMovie Stars, Television StarsJune Lockhart  bill4363.3
120 Kathy Bates: Talented TV and Film ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsKathy Bates  0zero010459.5
121 Kelsey GrammerCheers, Television Stars, FrasierKelsey Grammer  bill9262.6
122 Ken Berry: Versatile Actor and DancerTelevision Stars, DancersKen Berry  charles14565.8
123 Kirstie AlleyMovie Stars, Television StarsKirstie Alley  bill3862.9
124 Kristen JohnstonMovie Stars, Television StarsKristen Johnston  bill2250
125 Larry Hagman- TV VillainTelevision StarsLarry Hagman  dartjock4259.5
126 Larry the Cable Guy: Over the Top Hilarity!Comedians, Television StarsDaniel Whitney  bill5664.1
127 Lily TomlinMovie Stars, Television StarsLily Tomlin  bill4857.5
128 Lisa RinnaTelevision StarsLisa Rinna  dave4258.1
129 Loni Anderson- Blonde BombshellTelevision StarsLoni Anderson  dartjock4866.3
130 Loretta SwitTelevision Stars, M*A*S*HLoretta Swit  bill8854.1
131 Lou FerrignoSports, Movie Stars, Television StarsLou Ferrigno  bill3075.7
132 Lucille Ball, America's Favorite Red HeadI Love Lucy, Television StarsLucille Ball  tazzytina42268.6
133 Lucille Ball: A Classic Queen of ComedyI Love Lucy, Television StarsLucille Ball  sa3371,53655.9
134 Madeline KahnMovie Stars, Television StarsMadeline Kahn  bill7464.1
135 Mark HamillMovie Stars, Television StarsMark Hamill  bill3763.8
136 Martin Sheen--American TV & Movie StarMovie Stars, Television StarsMartin Sheen  0zero06152.5
137 Martin Sheen: American ActorMovie Stars, Television StarsMartin Sheen  FRANKL19653746.2
138 Mary Louise Parker: American ActressTelevision StarsMary-Louise Parker  0zero01942.6
139 Mary Tyler Moore: Celebrity Personal FileTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMary Tyler Moore  bill8758.9
140 Maura TierneyMovie Stars, Television StarsMaura Tierney  bill1748.8
141 Maureen McCormick: American ActressThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsMaureen McCormick  FRANKL196521147.5
142 Michael Landon: Personal Life of a CelebrityTelevision StarsMichael Landon  tazzytina41962.9
143 Michael RichardsComedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsMichael Richards  bill7147.3
144 Micky Dolenz: Always Smiling!Rock -n- Roll, Television Stars, The MonkeesMicky Dolenz  bill15167.6
145 Mike Lookinland: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsMike Lookinland  FRANKL19657860.1
146 Mike WallaceTV News Shows, TV Sportscasters, TV Game Shows, Television StarsMike Wallace  patrickryan2648.1
147 Mila KunisMovie Stars, Television StarsMila Kunis  bill7578
148 Monty HallTV Game Shows, Television StarsMonty Hall  dartjock5348.7
149 Morgan FairchildMovie Stars, Television StarsMorgan Fairchild  madman1933.2
150 Name the Jessica!Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs6371.3
151 Nancy Walker - Her Life and CharactersTelevision StarsNancy Walker  dartjock1648.1
152 Pamela Anderson- Sexy VixenTelevision StarsPamela Anderson  dartjock5462.6
153 Patricia HeatonTelevision StarsPatricia Heaton  bill4757
154 Patrick StewartTelevision Stars, BroadwayPatrick Stewart  bill2059
155 Patrick WarburtonMovie Stars, Television StarsPatrick Warburton  bill1218.3
156 Peter BoyleMovie Stars, Television StarsPeter Boyle  bill6652.9
157 Peter ScolariMovie Stars, Television StarsPeter Scolari  bill558
158 Phil HartmanSaturday Night Live, Television StarsPhil Hartman  bill8359.9
159 Ray Walston- His Life and RolesTelevision StarsRay Walston  dartjock655
160 Reba McEntire - "The Queen of Country"Country Music, Television StarsReba McEntire  lmcubs25056.6
161 Regis PhilbinTelevision StarsRegis F Philbin  dartjock1652.5
162 Richard Dawson: One of Hogan's HeroesComedians, TV Game Shows, Television StarsRichard Dawson  dartjock17365.3
163 Ricky Nelson: Teen IdolSingers, Television StarsRicky Nelson  scarlettem18468.6
164 Rob ReinerMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Television Stars, All in the FamilyRob Reiner  bill10254.4
165 Robbie Rist: American Actor & MusicianThe Brady Bunch, Rock Music, Television StarsRobbie Rist  FRANKL19656757.2
166 Robert De NiroMovie Stars, Television StarsRobert De Niro  dartjock4160.2
167 Robert Reed: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsRobert Reed  bill9956.5
168 Robert WagnerMovie Stars, Television StarsRobert Wagner  bill9565.7
169 Robert Young: Steady & Sure ActorMovie Stars, Television StarsRobert Young  bill6059.2
170 Rock HudsonMovie Stars, Television StarsRock Hudson  bill5669.6
171 Ron Howard: Awesome ActorMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, The Andy Griffith Show, Television Stars, Happy DaysRon Howard  0zero045552.3
172 Ron Howard: Hollywood DirectorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, The Andy Griffith Show, Television Stars, Happy DaysRon Howard  0zero023557.5
173 Ron Howard: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, The Andy Griffith Show, Television Stars, Happy DaysRon Howard  0zero027850.8
174 Sally Field: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsSally Field  bill8858.1
175 Sandra Bernhard: Big Time ComedienneComedians, Television StarsSandra Bernhard  MrMarbles6255
176 Seth GreenComedians, Television StarsSeth Green  Jobee1k1853.3
177 Shelley Fabares: American Actress & SingerSingers, Television StarsShelley Fabares  bill8257
178 Sherman Hemsley- Television IconTelevision StarsSherman Hemsley  dartjock1749.4
179 Sid CaesarTelevision StarsSid Caesar  bill11211.6
180 Simon Cowell: The Mean OneTelevision StarsSimon Cowell  0zero04245.7
181 Steve CarellMovie Stars, Television StarsSteve Carell  bill5272.9
182 Strange Celebrity DeathsMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam10254.9
183 Susan Olsen: American ActressThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsSusan Olsen  FRANKL19657544.8
184 Suzanne Pleshette: Remembering A Talented ActressTelevision StarsSuzanne Pleshette  0zero014359.3
185 Television Characters' Fictional AddressesTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars  FRANKL196526558.5
186 The Baldwin Brothers - An Acting FamilyMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs2,98639.8
187 The Twilight Zone: Classic Episode Guest StarsTV Sci-Fi, Television Stars  7578.4
188 Tim Allen EssentialsComedians, Television StarsTim Allen  dave32855.6
189 TJ Thyne: American ActorTelevision StarsThomas J Thyne  BubblyJolie4749.1
190 TV Western Stars and Their RolesTelevision Stars, TV Dramas  wrangler1,02170.3
191 Valerie Bertinelli: Polished ActressTelevision Stars, Hot In ClevelandValerie Bertinelli  bill13068.2
192 Valerie HarperTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowValerie Harper  bill6461.4
193 Valerie HarperTelevision StarsValerie Harper  bill774.3
194 Vivian Vance: Lucy's Second FiddleI Love Lucy, Television StarsVivian Vance  bill36356
195 Wayne Knight: "Hello Newman..."Movie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsWayne Knight  bill4950.2
196 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 1Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs9354.3
197 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 2Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs4651.3
198 Wendie MalickTelevision Stars, Hot In ClevelandWendie Malick  bill3665.6
199 Where Were These Celebrities Born?Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  scarlettem8858.6
200 Who Played What TV Character?Television Stars, TV Sitcoms  phonerec19887.6

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