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Trivia Quizzes - Golf

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 PGA Golf NicknamesGolf  dartjock7372.3
3 The Game of GolfGolf  dartjock3870.8
4 Masters Winners of the 1990s Golf  grant2283665
5 Masters Tournament Firsts #2Golf  garrett5839.8
6 Jack Nicklaus - Hall of Fame GolferGolf, TV SportscastersJack W Nicklaus  dartjock8664.3
7 Greg Norman - Golfing GreatGolf, TV SportscastersGreg J Norman  dartjock7559.1
8 Arnold Palmer - Golfing PioneerGolf, TV SportscastersArnold D Palmer  dartjock19550.2
9 Tiger Woods: His Early CareerGolfTiger Woods  tristan12244.8
10 Tiger WoodsGolfTiger Woods  dartjock4465.7
11 Phil MickelsonGolfPhilip Mickelson  dave16557.5
12 Ernie ElsGolfErnie Els  dave2557.2

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