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Trivia Quizzes - American TV Dramas

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Breaking Bad (Part 2) Seasons 1-3American TV Dramas  garrett21073.7
3 Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-2American TV Dramas, TV Dramadey  garrett28252.1
4 Batman TV Series: The Actors Behind the VillainsAmerican TV Dramas  madman58477.9
5 Standoff Characters: Matt FlanneryAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie2965.2
6 Standoff Characters: Cheryl CarreraAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie1165.5
7 Standoff Characters: Lia MathersAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie1358.5
8 Buffy the Vampire Slayer BasicsAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie11171.4
9 Angel: TV VampireAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie6175.7
10 Bones Episodes: "The Superhero in the Alley"American TV Dramas, Bones  BubblyJolie1569.3
11 Standoff Characters: Emily LehmanAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie4374.4
12 CSI: Las VegasAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie18178.3
13 Lost: First Season CharactersAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs4882.9
14 Perry Mason: Amazing Defense AttorneyAmerican TV Dramas, Fiction Books  lmcubs57976.8
15 Lost: First Season EventsAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs3671.9
16 Lost: Second Season EventsAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs3477.1
17 Nancy Drew, Girl DetectiveAmerican TV Dramas, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  lmcubs16376.2
18 TV Best FriendsAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas, The Andy Griffith Show  lmcubs78586.6
19 TV Married CouplesAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas  lmcubs35671.2
20 Magnum P.I.: Thomas MagnumAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  phonerec59083.5
21 Dark Shadows: Beware the Full MoonAmerican TV Dramas, TV Sci-Fi  solitaire22283.1
22 Charlie's Angels: Hot Chick CopsAmerican TV Dramas  solitaire24478.3
23 The A-Team: Action Adventure SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  scarlettem15166.3
24 Judging Amy: American TV DramaAmerican TV Dramas  LittleLady6955.7
25 Grey's Anatomy: QuotesAmerican TV Dramas  LittleLady10151.5
26 NYPD Blue: The Male Cast MembersAmerican TV Dramas  LittleLady11587.9
27 NYPD Blue: The Female Cast MembersAmerican TV Dramas  LittleLady41884.4
28 Little House on the Prairie TidbitsAmerican TV Dramas  tjinky27974.1
29 ER: American Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina19887.9
30 Walker, Texas RangerAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina40083.5
31 CSI: Miami - Super Cop ShowAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina51370.9
32 Law and Order: Special Victims UnitAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,29978
33 Little House on the Prairie FactsAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina59268.7
34 Law and Order: The Original SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina17876
35 Airwolf: The TV SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina20178.7
36 The RiflemanAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina2,74580.9
37 The Waltons: Rural Virginia FamilyAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,32381.5
38 Batman: 1960s TV Series BasicsAmerican TV Dramas  irishmiss40846.9
39 The Waltons: Rural Virginia Family Part 2American TV Dramas  ravioli32388.1
40 Television Children - This is Cool!American TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas  ravioli55088.9
41 The OC: Seasons 1 & 2American TV Dramas  nut_meg11677.8
42 Grey's Anatomy: American Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  nut_meg18888.3
43 Heroes: Sci-Fi TV ShowAmerican TV Dramas  nut_meg22090.8
44 Famous Horse Riders and Their HorsesAmerican TV Dramas  wrangler11035.5
45 Columbo: "Just One More Thing..."American TV Dramas  0zero01,61087.8
46 Bonanza Characters: Ben CartwrightAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  0zero081262.1
47 The White ShadowAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam25165.9
48 Naked City: Landmark TV Crime DramaAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam2954.1
49 Sons of Anarchy: Biker Gang Soap OperaAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam33788.5
50 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Part 2TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas, TV Dramas  Samurai Sam2151
51 Emergency!: 70s Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam3,33084.1
52 Burn Notice: The BasicsAmerican TV Dramas, TV Dramadey  Samurai Sam22084.5
53 NCIS: Basic FactsAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam37391
54 TV Detectives and Their "Beats"American TV Dramas  Samurai Sam2951.4
55 Perry Mason: More About The Top LawyerAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam27659.7
56 Quantum Leap Characters: Dr. Sam BeckettAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam29757.8
57 Law and Order: Criminal IntentAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam22482.2
58 Television LawyersAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam10652.7
59 Cop & Detective Shows of the 1950sAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam35460.6
60 Spy ShowsTV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas  Samurai Sam7038.9
61 Cop & Detective Shows of the 1960sAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam43254.4
62 Cop & Detective Shows of the 1970sAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam13358.3
63 Cop & Detective Shows of the 1980sAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam15642.5
64 Hill Street Blues: Just the Facts, Ma'amAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam27565.5
65 TV Series' LocationsAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas  Samurai Sam14847.9
66 Cars in TV ShowsAmerican TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas  Samurai Sam46043.2
67 St. Elsewhere: Realistic Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam10170.1
68 Law and Order: Character BackstoriesAmerican TV Dramas  Samurai Sam20559.8
69 House M D - Season 4TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas, House  grant2281280.8
70 The West Wing: American TV DramaTV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas  zeppy7312986.3
71 The Rockford Files: The Series BasicsAmerican TV Dramas  FRANKL196566066
72 The Waltons: Rural Virginia Family Part 3American TV Dramas  Jobee1k17087.6
73 Army WivesAmerican TV Dramas  dartjock25085.2
74 The Walking DeadAmerican TV Dramas  dartjock1483.6
75 Sex and the CityAmerican TV Dramas  starrdust14806484.4
76 Columbo: Guest Stars Part 2American TV Dramas, Television Stars  6372.2
77 Emergency! General Knowledge QuizAmerican TV Dramas, TV Dramas  rocketgirl676.7

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