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Trivia Quizzes - Comedy Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
102 Breakfast with ScotComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk452.5
103 Home Alone 2: Easy VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk15367.3
104 Home Alone 2: Fanatic's VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk19147.6
105 Snow DayComedy Movies  zendyk2458.8
106 A Simple Twist of FateComedy Movies  zendyk2263.2
107 Waiting to Exhale: Part OneComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk39854.9
108 Waiting to Exhale: Part TwoComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk21361.2
109 Funny FarmMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk10582.4
110 The Breakfast ClubComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk19256.8
111 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: AllisonComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk9175.7
112 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: AndrewComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk3668.6
113 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: BrianComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk3669.2
114 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: ClaireComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk3588.9
115 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: JohnComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk4278.8
116 Elizabethtown (Easy Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk1687.5
117 Elizabethtown (Fanatic's Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk2064
118 Cold Comfort FarmComedy Movies  zendyk3171
119 Men in Black: Easy VersionComedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies  zendyk10066.3
120 Men in Black: Fanatic's VersionComedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies  zendyk15966.7
121 I Don't Know How She Does ItComedy Movies  zendyk768.6
122 Adventures in BabysittingMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk13079.2
123 Miss CongenialityMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk10872
124 The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a MountainMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk673.3
125 The Goodbye Girl (1977): Easy VersionMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk7981.3
126 Bring It OnMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk1773.5
127 The Dress Code (AKA Bruno)Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk681.7
128 Blast From the PastMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk8266.8
129 Definitely, MaybeMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk13366.7
130 Where Angels Go, Trouble FollowsMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk2669.6
131 The Out-of-Towners (1970)Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk7666.2
132 Kingdom ComeMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk7167.7
133 Fast Times at Ridgemont HighComedy Movies  Jobee1k14573.5
134 Adventures in BabysittingComedy Movies  EddieJoe13561.7
135 Eddie MurphyMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Television StarsEddie Murphy  dartjock12355.1
136 Ernest P. WorrellComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  dartjock21067.2
137 John Candy- His Movie CharactersComedy Movies, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersJohn Candy  dartjock8262
138 Bud Abbott- Who's Funny?Comedy MoviesBud Abbott  dartjock7961.3
139 Lou Costello- Lou' s on First!Comedy MoviesLou Costello  dartjock1855.6
140 Abbott and Costello- Who's on First?Comedy Movies  dartjock14665.6
141 Jim Carrey- Talented FunnymanComedy MoviesJim Carrey  dartjock3752.7
142 Beverly Hills ChihuahuaComedy Movies  perfectfatgirl7168.3
143 Canadian CelebritiesMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Comedians  8474
144 Airplane! One Hilarious MovieComedy Movies, Adventure Movies  26177.4
145 Beverly Hills ChihuahuaComedy Movies  belieber3266.3

Grand Averages for these 44 Quizzes     67.9

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