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Trivia Quizzes - American History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
101 Kennedy Family Tragedies: Part 2American History  patrickryan15065.5
102 Landmark Supreme Court CasesAmerican History, Crime & Law, American Government  Samurai Sam12553
103 Larry Flynt - Constitutional ChampionAmerican History, Business, Culture, American CultureLarry Flynt  grant2282656.2
104 Lee Harvey Oswald: American AssassinAmerican History, Biographies, American Culture, AssassinationsLee Harvey Oswald  OJN19534157.6
105 Lee Harvey Oswald: Lone Gunman or Patsy?American History, AssassinationsLee Harvey Oswald  bill32369.3
106 Leslie Richard Groves, Jr.American History, World War II, American MilitaryLeslie Groves  patrickryan2367.4
107 Lewis "Chesty" Puller: A Marine's Marine!American History, World War II, American MilitaryLewis Puller  patrickryan5552.7
108 Liberty BellAmerican History, American Culture  dartjock15058.6
109 Malcolm X: Civil Rights LeaderAmerican History, American Culture, AuthorsMalcolm X  patrickryan4755.1
110 Martha Washington - America's First LadyHistory, American History, Presidential First LadiesMartha C Washington  grant2284151.7
111 Martin Luther King: Civil Rights ChampionAmerican History, American CultureMartin Luther King Jr. bill33059.3
112 Mary Baker Eddy - Church FounderHistory, Religion, American HistoryMary B Eddy  grant2281859.4
113 Melania TrumpHistory, American History, Presidential First Ladies  grant2284564.4
114 Meriwether LewisAmerican History, American Frontier ExplorersMeriwether Lewis  patrickryan9162
115 Mike Pence - U.S. Vice PresidentHistory, American History, American Vice Presidents  grant2283065.7
116 Mt RushmoreHistory, American History  grant2288554.2
117 Muhammad Ali - Sporting LegendSports, American History, BoxingMuhammad Ali  grant22819966.1
118 Naval Quotes in American HistoryAmerican History, American Military  patrickryan3735.4
119 Old West Grab Bag #1American History  catherine36366.9
120 Oliver Winchester - American Businessman and PoliticianAmerican History, Business, TechnologyOliver Winchester  patrickryan1363.8
121 Omar Bradley - The G. I.s' GeneralAmerican History, World War IIOmar Bradley  grant2286760.9
122 Pamela Harriman: "A world expert on rich men's bedroom ceilings"American History, British HistoryPamela Harriman  grant2282254.5
123 Patricia Nixon - First Lady of the United StatesHistory, American History, Presidential First Ladies  grant228275
124 Paul Revere - American PatriotAmerican History, American Revolutionary WarPaul Revere  grant22827254.7
125 Paul Robeson: More Than Just the Singer of "Ol' Man River"!Music, American History, CulturePaul LB Robeson  grant2283755.9
126 Pearl Harbor: "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"American History, World War II  BubblyJolie1,74860.5
127 Pocahontas: Notable Native AmericanAmerican History  tylair101,25967.7
128 Presidential Candidates that Lost the ElectionAmerican History  zeppy734366.3
129 Ralph Nader: Presidential Candidate and Car CriticAmerican History, American CultureRalph Nader  patrickryan2950
130 Ralph Waldo Emerson - U S poet, essayist and philosopherHistory, American History, Literature, Authors, American AuthorsRalph W Emerson  grant2284259.8
131 Richard “Dick” O'Kane: The Bravest ManAmerican History, World War II, American MilitaryRichard O'Kane  patrickryan3159.4
132 Robert E. Lee - Part IIAmerican History, American Civil WarRobert E Lee  grant2287371.2
133 Robert F. KennedyHistory, American History, American GovernmentRobert F Kennedy  grant2285065.8
134 Robert G Ingersoll - "The Great Agnostic"History, Religion, American History  grant2281100
135 Robert HeinleinAmerican History, American Military, American AuthorsRobert Heinlein  patrickryan2455
136 Robert Morris: Interesting Founding FatherAmerican History, American Founding FathersRobert Morris  patrickryan5841.9
137 Robert Wadlow - World's Tallest HumanAmerican History, HistoryRobert P Wadlow  grant2282383
138 Rod Blagojevich: Corrupt Governor or Patsy?American History, American GovernmentRod Blagojevich  Samurai Sam2442.9
139 Rosa Parks: Civil Rights LeaderAmerican HistoryRosa Parks  tristan23351.2
140 Roy Davenport: WWII Submarine SkipperAmerican History, World War II, American MilitaryRoy Davenport  patrickryan2843.2
141 Sally Ride - First American woman in spaceAmerican History, Space ExplorationSally Ride  grant22824659.7
142 Samuel Colt: Weapons InnovatorAmerican History, Business, TechnologySamuel Colt  patrickryan6032.8
143 Samuel Morse - Inventor of the TelegraphHistory, American History, Technology, ScientistsSamuel F Morse  grant2285144.1
144 Sarah Palin - Political DarlingAmerican HistorySarah L Palin  dartjock1562
145 Secretariat - Super Horse History, Sports, American History  grant22819271.1
146 September 11, 2001: A TributeAmerican History, Crime & Law  patrickryan1,86566.7
147 Simon Kenton: American FrontiersmanAmerican History, American Frontier ExplorersSimon Kenton  patrickryan6172
148 Sister Elizabeth KennyAmerican History, Australian History, Doctors & MedicineElizabeth Kenny  grant2285959.8
149 Space Shuttle Challenger DisasterAmerican History, Space Exploration  bill13756.1
150 Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterAmerican History, Space Exploration  bill3452.9
151 SS Edmund Fitzgerald: "Queen of the Lakes"American History, Business, American Culture  bill11868.7
152 Stephen Decatur - Naval HeroAmerican History, American MilitaryStephen Decatur  patrickryan1845
153 Stephen Foster - "The Father of American Music"Music, American History, Culture, American Culture  grant2284059.3
154 Susan B. Anthony- Pivotal Player in Women's Rights MovementAmerican HistorySusan B Anthony  dartjock21851.6
155 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 3American History, American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22810664.2
156 The Assassination of Martin Luther KingAmerican History, AssassinationsMartin Luther King Jr. grant22812972.9
157 The Assassination of Robert F. KennedyAmerican History, AssassinationsRobert F Kennedy  grant22841064.4
158 The “41 for Freedom” - The First Flight of ShipsAmerican History, American Military  patrickryan1162.7
159 The Chappaquiddick IncidentHistory, American History, Crime & Law  grant2283163
160 The Great DepressionAmerican History  dartjock11653.4
161 The Hatfields & The McCoys: American FeudAmerican History, American Culture  scarlettem1,32063.8
162 The Liberty Bell: Symbol of FreedomAmerican History  FRANKL19658060
163 The Monica Lewinsky AffairAmerican History, American PresidentsMonica Lewinsky  grant22833640.2
164 The New Deal of the 1930sAmerican History  BubblyJolie87750.6
165 The Statue of LibertyHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2281145.5
166 The Tragedy of Roscoe "Fatty" ArbuckleAmerican History, Movie StarsRoscoe C Arbuckle  grant2284550.9
167 Theodore Roosevelt - Personal QuestionsHistory, American History, American PresidentsTheodore Roosevelt  grant2281275
168 Thomas Paine: Free Thinker of the WorldAmerican History, American Founding FathersThomas Paine  grant22815658.4
169 U S Presidential Thoughts on SuccessAmerican History, American Presidents, Business  grant2282444.6
170 U.S. Civil War Battles IIAmerican History, American Civil War  grant2286954.3
171 U.S. Constitution: Amendment ChallengeAmerican History, American Government  FRANKL196517963.6
172 U.S. Vice PresidentsAmerican History, American Vice Presidents  arnold15269.7
173 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 2American History, American Vice Presidents  sparty908076.6
174 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 3American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan3571.1
175 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 4American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan4071
176 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 5American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan5637.7
177 Vice Presidential LosersAmerican History, American Presidents, American Vice Presidents, American Government  dartjock5186.7
178 Walt Whitman - U S PoetAmerican History, Literature, Authors, American AuthorsWalt Whitman  grant2285058.6
179 War of 1812American History, British History, Canadian History  bill13457.5
180 Watergate Scandal BasicsAmerican History  BubblyJolie70871.6
181 Watergate Scandal Basics IIAmerican History  grant2281277.5
182 Wilbur and Orville WrightAmerican History, Amazing "Firsts" in History!  grant22830755.2
183 William "Buffalo Bill" Cody: Wild West ShowmanAmerican History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureWilliam F Cody  bill28242.1
184 William Boeing - The Father of Commercial AviationAmerican History, Business  grant2289633.2
185 William Clark: The Other ExplorerAmerican Frontier Explorers, American HistoryWilliam Clark  patrickryan8654.4

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