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Trivia Quizzes - Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
102 Kingdom ComeMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk7067.7
103 The Andrews Sisters - America's Wartime SweetheartsMusic, Movies, American Culture  grant22812642.9
104 Tom Hanks - Hollywood's Mr Nice GuyMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  grant2282850.4
105 Goodbye, Mr Chips!Movies  grant22822965.9
106 Matthew McConaughey - Man of many rolesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282253.2
107 Humphrey Bogart Movie QuotesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2283459.7
108 Reese Witherspoon - Versatile ActressMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282854.3
109 Kingdom Come 2001 QuizMovies, Comedy Movies  0NA
110 Movie VillainsMovies  grant228275
111 Rodgers and Hammerstein - Musical MastersMusic, Movies  grant2283064.3
112 Quentin Tarantino MoviesMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  grant2281362.3
113 Casablanca QuotesMovies  grant228467.5
114 Claude Akins- Powerful ActorMoviesClaude Akins  dartjock9754.6
115 Louis Armstrong - The One and Only Satchmo!Music, Movies, Jazz and BluesLouis Armstrong  grant22836342.9
116 Brigitte Bardot Movies, Movie StarsBrigitte A Bardot  grant2286455.3
117 Kim Basinger- Actress/ Fashion ModelMoviesKim Basinger  dartjock3857.9
118 Warren Beatty: American ActorMoviesWarren Beatty  FRANKL19652857.1
119 Warren Beatty - Hollywood IconMovies, Movie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersWarren Beatty  grant2282160
120 Matthew Broderick - American ActorMoviesMatthew Broderick  0zero029348.3
121 Michael Caine - Talented ActorMoviesMichael Caine  dartjock1140.9
122 Frank Capra - Brilliant Movie DirectorMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, American CultureFrank Capra  grant2283748.4
123 George Clooney - Debonaire StarMovies, Movie StarsGeorge Clooney  grant2282357.4
124 Glenn Close: American Film and Stage ActressMoviesGlenn Close  0zero04459.3
125 Wally Cox - More than met the eyeMovies, Movie StarsWally Cox  grant2281055
126 Russell Crowe - Emphatic ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Australian HistoryRussell Crowe  grant2285162.9
127 Cameron Diaz: Movie RolesMoviesCameron Diaz  dartjock1651.3
128 Leonardo DiCaprio - Hollywood SuperstarMovies, Movie Stars, Drama MoviesLeonardo DiCaprio  grant2284442.5
129 Emilio EstevezMoviesEmilio Estevez  dartjock6262.1
130 Jane Fonda - Fitness GuruMoviesJane Fonda  dartjock4967.1
131 Greer Garson - Movie IconMovies, Movie StarsGreer Garson  grant2281669.4
132 Oliver Hardy - Comic MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies, American CultureOliver Hardy  grant228777.1
133 Hitchcock Roles in Hitchcock FilmsMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersAlfred Hitchcock  grant2283650.3
134 Hitchcock Actors and Actresses in Multiple RolesMovies, Movie StarsAlfred Hitchcock  grant2284673.3
135 Dustin Hoffman - Talented ActorMoviesDustin Hoffman  dartjock4140.7
136 Paul HoganMovies, Movie StarsPaul Hogan  grant22810059.8
137 Hugh Jackman "World's Sexiest Man"Movies, Movie StarsHugh M Jackman  grant2282147.1
138 Shirley Jones: Talented Singer and ActressMovies, MusicShirley Jones  5865.5
139 Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and ScreenTV, Radio & Stage, MoviesHelen A Keller  lmcubs7439.3
140 Deborah Kerr - "Rhymes with Star"Movies, Movie StarsDeborah Kerr  grant2286965.5
141 Kevin Kline -versatile and enduring actorMovies, Movie StarsKevin Kline  grant228668.3
142 Stan Laurel - Comic MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies, American CultureStan Laurel  grant2281349.1
143 Christopher Lloyd- His Life and Movie RolesMoviesChristopher Lloyd  dartjock3661.7
144 Calling all Julie London fansTV, Radio & Stage, Music, Movies, Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Singers, Television StarsJulie London  rocketgirl0NA
145 Myrna Loy - Classic ActressMovies, Movie StarsMyrna Loy  grant2283769.5
146 Henry Mancini Movie MusicMusic, MoviesHenry Mancini  grant2282553.2
147 Bette Midler - Dazzling DivaMusic, MoviesBette Midler  grant2285971.8
148 John Mills Film RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersJohn Mills  grant2281963.7
149 Chuck Norris-Tough GuyMovies, Television StarsChuck Norris  dartjock6838.8
150 Gwyneth PaltrowMovies, Movie StarsGwyneth Paltrow  grant228574
151 Brad PittMovies, Movie StarsBrad Pitt  grant2282560.8
152 Daniel Radcliffe - Much more than Harry PotterMovies, Movie StarsDaniel Radcliffe  grant2281663.1
153 Claude Rains - Consummate ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersClaude Rains  grant2283559.1
154 Debbie Reynolds - Darling of the MusicalsMovies, MusicDebbie Reynolds  grant22814564.8
155 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hollywood Big ManMoviesArnold Schwarzenegger  dartjock4468.6
156 Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue EyesMusic, Movies, Movie Stars, SingersFrank A Sinatra  grant22811764.4
157 Steven Spielberg - Renowned Film DirectorMovies, Horror Movies, Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fantasy Movies, Adventure Movies, American CultureSteven Spielberg  grant22812749
158 Jimmy Stewart: Enduring ActorMoviesJames Stewart  bill15950
159 Sharon Stone - Stunning StarMovies, Movie StarsSharon Stone  grant2282252.3
160 Kathleen Turner - Luscious ActorMovies, Drama Movies, Adventure MoviesKathleen Turner  grant2283955.4
161 Mark WalhbergMoviesMark Wahlberg  dartjock2775.2
162 Raquel Welch - Timeless BeautyMovie Stars, MoviesRaquel Welch  grant2285243.3
163 Richard Widmark - Thoughtful ActorMovies, Movie StarsRichard W Widmark  grant2282369.6
164 Robin Williams- Hilarious ActorMoviesRobin Williams  dartjock3757.6
165 Bruce Willis - Action ManMovies, Movie StarsBruce Willis  grant2287259
166 Natalie Wood - Talented ActorMovies, Movie StarsNatalie Wood  grant2285880.3
167 Joanne Woodward - All Class!Movies, Movie StarsJoanne GT Woodward  grant2282452.1
168 Rob Zombie- Musician/ Writer/ Director/ ProducerMovies, Heavy MetalRob Zombie  dartjock1472.1

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