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Trivia Quizzes - Fine Arts

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Broadway SongsMusic, Broadway, Fine Arts  grant22822769.6
3 Carol Burnett: Show Business HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Comedians, Fine ArtsCarol Burnett  phonerec11756.7
4 Chess ChampionsSports, Fine Arts  grant2281536
5 Famous "Aussies"Fine Arts, Culture  grant22813049.6
6 Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and ArchitectureAmerican History, Fine Arts, American CultureFrank L Wright  dave96445.3
7 James Whistler - American ArtistFine Arts, Artists  grant2281445.7
8 Leonardo da Vinci - Polymath Par ExcellenceFine Arts, Artists, World Culture, ScientistsLeonardo da Vinci  grant2285439.4
9 Maurits Escher - Extraordinary Graphic ArtistFine Arts, ArtistsMaurits Escher  grant228285
10 Odd Dead Man OutFine Arts  grant2284750.6
11 Opera FavoritesMusic, Classical Music, Fine Arts  grant2287772.2
12 P.T. Barnum: Greatest Showman on EarthFine ArtsP.T. Barnum  bill11051.3
13 Toulouse Lautrec - Master ArtistFine Arts, Artists  grant2282865.4
14 Vincent Van Gogh - Troubled ArtistFine Arts, ArtistsVincent Van Gogh  grant2284971.6

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