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American Film Institute's Top 25 Classic Actresses

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Katharine Hepburn: Top Female Movie StarMovie StarsKatharine Hepburn  bill13052.5
2 Bette Davis: Her Time in the Golden EraMovie StarsBette Davis  bill26058.2
2 Bette Davis: Her Later Acting YearsMovie StarsBette Davis  bill13166.8
3 Audrey Hepburn: Film IconMovie StarsAudrey Hepburn  phonerec31465.2
4 Ingrid Bergman: Sweden's Illustrious Gift to HollywoodMovie StarsIngrid Bergman  dana8760
5 Greta Garbo: Exciting and Elusive ActressMovie StarsGreta Garbo  bill4162.7
6 Marilyn Monroe: Iconic Actress and Sex SymbolMovie StarsMarilyn Monroe  bill32955
7 Elizabeth Taylor: American Acting LegendMovie StarsElizabeth Taylor  solitaire39962.4
8 Judy Garland: Voice Like an AngelMovie Stars, SingersJudy Garland  bill52373.7
9 Marlene Dietrich: Exotic StarlettMovie StarsMarlene Dietrich  martha5352.5
10 Joan Crawford: "Mommie Dearest"Movie StarsJoan Crawford  krystal18169
11 Barbara Stanwyck - Actress ExtraordinaireMovie StarsBarbara Stanwyck  grant22818260.8
12 Claudette Colbert: Screwball Comedy QueenMovie StarsClaudette Colbert  bill6451.1
13 Grace Kelly: Actress & PrincessMovie Stars, RoyaltyGrace Kelly  bill16959.8
14 Ginger Rogers: More Than a Classy Dancer!Movie StarsGinger Rogers  grant2289956.5
15 Mae West: The First Symbol of Sex!Movie StarsMae J West  grant2284341.9
16 Vivien Leigh: Classy, but Troubled ActressMovie StarsVivien Leigh  catherine10862.3
17 Lillian Gish: Silent Film StarMovie StarsLillian Gish  charles4355.6
18 Shirley Temple: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsShirley Temple Black  0zero010553.5
18 Shirley Temple: Her Career HighlightsMovie StarsShirley Temple Black  0zero021445.6
19 Rita Hayworth: Legendary Actress & DancerMovie Stars, DancersRita Hayworth  bill8943.3
20 Lauren Bacall: Legendary ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLauren Bacall  dana10655.7
21 Sophia Loren: Glamorous Italian ActressMovie StarsSophia Loren  madman9953.3
22 Jean Harlow: Blonde, Beautiful & Talented!Movie StarsJean Harlow  tristan9464.6
23 Carole Lombard: "Queen of Screwball Comedy"Movie StarsCarole Lombard  dana4947.3
24 Mary Pickford: "America's Sweetheart"Movie StarsMary Pickford  bill5558.7
25 Ava Gardner: Golden Era ActressMovie StarsAva Gardner  bill21752.2

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