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American Film Institute's Top 25 Classic Actors

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Humphrey Bogart: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsHumphrey Bogart  scarlettem17559.7
2 Cary Grant: Debonair & Charismatic ActorMovie StarsCary Grant  bill15757.3
3 Jimmy Stewart: Enduring ActorMovie StarsJimmy Stewart  bill14050.7
4 Marlon Brando: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsMarlon Brando  bill12861.9
5 Fred Astaire: Dance and Screen LegendMovie Stars, DancersFred Astaire  bill24956.6
6 Henry Fonda: Enduring ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayHenry Fonda  bill7758.7
7 James Cagney: Quintessential Tough GuyMovie Stars, DancersJames Cagney  bill9060.7
7 Clark Gable: Macho Actor & Military HeroMovie StarsClark Gable  tristan18254.8
9 Spencer TracyMovie StarsSpencer Tracy  bill8759.5
10 Charlie Chaplin: Iconic Film ActorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersCharlie Chaplin  bill17251.7
11 Gary Cooper: Hollywood IconMovie StarsGary Cooper  scarlettem24656.4
12 Gregory Peck: Acting LegendMovie StarsGregory Peck  phonerec29345.4
13 John Wayne: The Actor, The LegendMovie StarsJohn Wayne  tazzytina1,36955.7
13 John Wayne: His Life & CareerMovie StarsJohn Wayne  scarlettem12649
14 Laurence Olivier: Gentleman ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayLaurence Olivier  bill6266.3
15 Gene Kelly: Great Dancer & Singer!Movie Stars, DancersGene Kelly  lmcubs51853.5
16 Orson Welles: Sophisticated Actor & DirectorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BroadwayOrson Welles  bill6546.3
17 Kirk Douglas: American Screen LegendMovie StarsKirk Douglas  bill5536.5
18 James Dean: American Cult IconMovie Stars, American CultureJames Dean  bill27264.7
19 Burt Lancaster: Movie RolesMovie Stars' Movie CharactersBurt Lancaster  0zero012952.1
19 Burt Lancaster: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBurt Lancaster  0zero012154.3
20 The Marx Brothers: Absolute Comic GeniusTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, Comedians  bill15959.3
21 Buster Keaton: Silent & Talkie Film StarMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersBuster Keaton  madman14471.1
22 Sidney Poitier: Groundbreaking ActorMovie StarsSidney Poitier  catherine7449.9
23 Robert Mitchum: Articulate ActorMovie StarsRobert Mitchum  scarlettem10459.5
24 Edward G. Robinson: Epic American ActorMovie StarsEdward G Robinson  tristan17855.9
25 William Holden: Actor and ConservationistMovie StarsWilliam Holden  bill4162.2

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