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Quizzes submitted by tazzytina

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 The 1980's Decade FactsHistory, Culture  tazzytina26853.3
3 Airwolf: The TV SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina18479.6
4 Alex Trebek: Jeopardy! HostTV Game ShowsAlex Trebek  tazzytina31245.2
5 American Flag Facts & HistoryAmerican History, American Government, American Culture, North American Geography  tazzytina9,37079.5
6 American Idol: Seeking Talent #1TV Reality Shows  tazzytina22681.3
7 Assassinations the World OverHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  tazzytina42463.1
8 Battle of GettysburgAmerican Civil War  tazzytina1,57575.8
9 Bowling: All About the RulesBowling  tazzytina39483.1
10 Chocolate: Learn All About It!American Culture, Food & Drink  tazzytina47945.1
11 Coach: Sporty TV Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina38981
12 Company FoundersBusiness  tazzytina13245.8
13 CSI: Miami - Super Cop ShowAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina48270.7
14 ER: American Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina18988.3
15 Freddie Mercury: Queen's LeaderRock MusicFreddie Mercury  tazzytina50978.2
16 The Golden Girls - Four Funny Ladies!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina1,45484.6
17 Growing Pains: Cutie-Pie 80s SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  tazzytina44884.5
18 It Happened on this Date in History!History  tazzytina19061.8
19 Jayne Mansfield: Blonde TemptressMovie StarsJayne Mansfield  tazzytina15862
20 The Jeffersons - Wacky American Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina91086.6
21 John Wayne: The Actor, The LegendMovie StarsJohn Wayne  tazzytina1,50856.3
22 Law and Order: Special Victims UnitAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,27077.9
23 Law and Order: The Original SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina17876
24 Little House on the Prairie FactsAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina58568.7
25 Lucille Ball, America's Favorite Red HeadI Love Lucy, Television StarsLucille Ball  tazzytina40769.1
26 Michael Landon: Personal Life of a CelebrityTelevision StarsMichael Landon  tazzytina41062.9
27 ML Baseball: Name That Team # 2Major League Baseball  tazzytina18980.1
28 ML Baseball: Name That Team #1Major League Baseball  tazzytina21280.5
29 The "ology" QuizScience & Nature  tazzytina20482.5
30 A Patriotic Quiz about the Declaration of IndependenceAmerican History, American Revolutionary War, American Government, American Founding Fathers  tazzytina4,22555.5
31 Presidential Assassinations: Dates Of InfamyAmerican Presidents, Assassinations  tazzytina36581.9
32 Product Slogans #3Business, American Culture  tazzytina38677.2
33 Queen, The Legendary Rock GroupAlternative Rock, Glam Rock  tazzytina53260.7
34 The RiflemanAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina2,68280.7
35 Star Trek, The Next Generation: Characters: Lt. DataFictional Characters, Star Trek: The Next Generation  tazzytina21081.3
36 Star Trek: The Next GenerationTV Sci-Fi, Star Trek: The Next Generation  tazzytina11686.7
37 Top Gun Movie TidbitsDrama Movies  tazzytina97978.7
38 U.S. State MottosAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina16740.5
39 U.S.A. - State Nicknames Match GameAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina45762.3
40 Walker, Texas RangerAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina38183.4
41 The Waltons: Rural Virginia FamilyAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,30881.5
42 The Wonder Years: American Comedy-DramaTV Dramadey  tazzytina16283.8
43 World CapitalsGeography  tazzytina24677.9

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