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Trivia Quizzes - American Vice Presidents

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Al Gore, His Life and the EnvironmentAmerican Vice Presidents  eyelessgavin2143.8
2 American Presidential ElectionsAmerican Presidents, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan65842.2
3 Dan Quayle quotesAmerican History, American Vice PresidentsDan Quayle  grant2281154.5
4 Henry Wallace: 33rd US Vice PresidentAmerican Vice PresidentsHenry Wallace  patrickryan1759.4
5 Hubert Humphrey: 38th U.S. Vice PresidentAmerican Vice PresidentsHubert Humphrey  zeppy731651.9
6 Joe Biden: Our Vice PresidentAmerican Vice PresidentsJoe Biden  bill16039.6
7 John Adams: 2nd U.S. President, Part 2American Presidents, American Revolutionary War, World Leaders, American Vice PresidentsJohn Adams  patrickryan14763.9
8 Richard Nixon - 37th US President - Part 2American Presidents, American Vice PresidentsRichard M Nixon  patrickryan5459.3
9 U.S. Vice PresidentsAmerican History, American Vice Presidents  arnold13267.5
10 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 2American History, American Vice Presidents  sparty906875.7
11 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 3American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan2168.1
12 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 4American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan1663.8
13 U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 5American History, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan4736.4
14 Vice Presidential LosersAmerican History, American Presidents, American Vice Presidents, American Government  dartjock3584.9
15 Walter Mondale: 42nd U.S. Vice PresidentAmerican Vice PresidentsWalter Mondale  zeppy734056.5
16 William Wheeler - Stuck with the US Vice PresidencyAmerican Vice Presidents, American GovernmentWilliam Wheeler  patrickryan865

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