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Trivia Quizzes - Animated TV Series & Cartoons

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 American DadAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock3765.7
2 Beavis and Butt-Head Character MatchAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  madman8274
3 Bob's BurgersAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock5391.5
4 Family Guy FunAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  tylair1027972
5 Family Guy Patriarch: Peter GriffinAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam36955.6
6 Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - "Hey, hey, hey!"Animated TV Series & Cartoons  bill16467.8
7 King of the HillAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock3873.7
8 Krypto The Super Dog is Cool!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  tylair107958.2
9 Pee-Wee's Playhouse - Wacky Kids' Show!!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  tristan27973
10 Popeye the Sailor: Cartoon ClassicAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  madman36172.7
11 Rugrats: The CharactersAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  FRANKL196510591.5
12 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Cartoon SeriesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters  bill27375.2
13 South ParkAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  charles2293.2
14 SpongeBob SquarePantsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  bill3597.7
15 The Angry Beavers: Just Plain Fun!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  phonerec6360.6
16 The Brady Kids CartoonAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, The Brady Bunch  FRANKL19654456.1
17 The Flintstones BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  charles60695
18 The Jetsons: "Spaced Out" Family!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  phonerec96271.3
19 The Powerpuff Girls: Series BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  FRANKL196513875.9
20 The Simpsons' CharactersTV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  Secret_Author2473.3
21 Tom and Jerry BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  tylair1084659.2
22 Top Cat: Cartoon Alley Cats!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  cindilee15168.7
23 Wacky Races: A Cooky CartoonAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  bill22765.3
24 Animated Christmas SpecialsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Christmas  lmcubs43883.6
25 Animated DogsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal19475.2
26 Animated Movie Characters' VoicesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  tristan10760.7
27 Animated Movies Nuts & BoltsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal11067.6
28 Animation Grab Bag #1Animated TV Series & Cartoons  garrett13074.6
29 Animation Grab Bag #2Animated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal7347.4
30 AquamanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  dartjock2257.3
31 Batman: The Dark KnightAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters, Animated Movies  dartjock2172.9
32 Bugs Bunny: Super Funny Cartoon RabbitAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters  0zero034251
33 Bullwinkle J. Moose: Funny and Furry!Animated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam16537
34 Cartoon Character Catch Phrases #2Animated TV Series & Cartoons  tylair1029685.3
35 Cartoon Characters Name GameAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  garrett25864
36 Cartoon Creators Nuts & BoltsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal4268.8
37 Cartoon Hodgepodge of the 60s and 70sAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  ravioli22074.7
38 Cartoon Ladies EssentialsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal29868.8
39 Cartoon Sidekicks, Foils, and BossesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  Samurai Sam28949.9
40 Cartoon Voices FundamentalsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal9461.5
41 Classic Cartoon Character's Catch PhrasesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  bill1,81177
42 Classic TV CartoonsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal22584.3
43 Dick TracyAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Adventure Movies  dartjock2073
44 Disney Cartoon CharactersMovie Stars, Animated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters, Animated Movies  grant2286744.3
45 Fictional Animated BandsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  Samurai Sam3852.4
46 Fox's Animation DominationAmerican TV Sitcoms, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock3353.6
47 FuturamaAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock1085
48 Futurama-Character MatchAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock695
49 Great Disney Villains of All-TimeAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fantasy Movies  solitaire38178.7
50 Mel Blanc- Man of Many VoicesAnimated TV Series & CartoonsMel Blanc  dartjock1046
51 Pets of Super HeroesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock570
52 Speed Racer: Lug Nuts and BoltsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  FRANKL19658364.1
53 SpidermanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies  dartjock2379.1
54 Super Heroes BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal73960.9
55 Super Heroes Secret IdentitiesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  bill19772.4
56 Superman: The Man of SteelAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, American Culture, Animated Movies  dartjock4080.5
57 Tarzan - Lord of the ApesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Literature, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture, Children's Books, Radio  dartjock4570
58 The Quick Draw McGraw ShowAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  bill5959
59 The Simpson's Character's: Women of SpringfieldAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  Secret_Author3974.6
60 The World Of Walt DisneyAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, BusinessWalt Disney  dave1,49061.9

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