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Quizzes submitted by cindilee

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Dr. Seuss & His CharactersChildren's Books  cindilee27056
2 Here Come the Brides TV ShowTV Dramadey  cindilee37388
3 Joe Dirt: Classic White TrashComedy Movies  cindilee31982.6
4 Loverboy: Canadian Rock BandRock Music  cindilee20875.3
5 Professional Poker Player NicknamesProfessional Poker  cindilee4870.4
6 Professional Poker Player Nicknames: Part 2Professional Poker  cindilee1765.3
7 Ron White: Blue Collar Comedy Tour AceComediansRon White  cindilee9777.3
8 Songs With the Word "Blue" in the TitleMusic  cindilee8160.6
9 Top Cat: Cartoon Alley Cats!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  cindilee25770.2
10 Which Actor Played These Roles?Movie Stars  cindilee14875.6

Grand Averages for these 10 Quizzes     72.1®   

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