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Quizzes submitted by Hayley

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1980s Music - Who Sang It?Music  Hayley26350.8
2 1990s Music - Who Sang It ?Music  Hayley9349.8
3 Australian Singers and BandsMusic  Hayley5152.4
4 The Breakfast Club Movie TidbitsComedy Movies  Hayley28866.6
5 The CraftHorror Movies  Hayley13385.1
6 Silverchair: Australian Alternative RockAlternative Rock  Hayley8374.9
7 The Strangers: Spooky Flick!Horror Movies  Hayley7267.9
8 The Wedding Singer: Romantic Comedy FilmComedy Movies  Hayley28073.9
9 Wuthering Heights: The MovieDrama Movies  Hayley12470.5

Grand Averages for these 9 Quizzes     65.8®   

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