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Trivia Quiz - The Elementary Sherlock Holmes

These questions about Holmes are elementary!

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The Elementary Sherlock Holmes
(Image Source: Imaginaire: Sherlock Holmes)

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1. Who is Sherlock Holmes' loyal assistant and biographer?
  A.   John H. Watson M.D.
  B.   Joseph Strangerson
  C.   Professor Moriarty
  D.   Reverend Henry T. Folsom

2. Holmes' address is:
  A.   14 Bayfield Place, Peckham
  B.   8 Camden House, Surrey
  C.   25C, Marcus Street, London
  D.   221B, Baker Street, London

3. Holmes' favorite musical instrument is:
  A.   Clarinet
  B.   Violin
  C.   Cello
  D.   French Horn

4. Who introduces Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson?
  A.   Mr. Stamford
  B.   Thomas Verity
  C.   Christopher Morley
  D.   Tobias Gregson

5. Dr. Watson was injured in what war?
  A.   World War I
  B.   Afghan War
  C.   French-Indian War
  D.   War of 1812

6. Dr. Watson carries what type of weapon?
  A.   A sawed-off shotgun
  B.   A knife
  C.   A pair of brass knuckles
  D.   A service revolver

7. In what story does Dr. Watson chronicle his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes?
  A.   The Adventure of the Nobel Bachelor
  B.   The Hound of the Baskervilles
  C.   A Sign of Four
  D.   A Study in Scarlet

8. Who is the Scotland Yard police officer who is constantly one step behind Holmes, often bumbling the evidence and clueless to the truth?
  A.   Inspector Lestrade
  B.   Commander Joseph Strangerson
  C.   Captain Moriarty
  D.   Inspector Sussex

9. Holmes older brother's name is:
  A.   Stanley
  B.   Ernest
  C.   Mycroft
  D.   Henry

10. Holmes landlady's name is:
  A.   Mrs. Essex
  B.   Mrs. Payne
  C.   Mrs. Hudson
  D.   Mrs. Walbridge®   

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