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Trivia Quiz - The OC: Seasons 1 & 2

Welcome to NEWPORT beach!! Home of the rich and the stylish and the outrageous beautiful people and their bewildering life!! enjoy the OC!!! -nut_meg

Quiz Number: 1100
Date Submitted: April 19, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: nut_meg
Average Score: 78.4 percent
Times Taken: 117 times
Taken by Registered Users: 8

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The OC Seasons 1  2
(Image Source: "The O.C.")

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1. Where is Ryan Atwood from?
  A.   Newport
  B.   Brooklyn
  C.   Chino
  D.   Berkely

2. What character has a drinking problem in "The OC?"
  A.   Marissa
  B.   Ryan's mom
  C.   Kirsten
  D.   all of the above

3. What does Summer Roberts, Marissa's best friend, call her?
  A.   Marissa
  B.   Mau
  C.   Drunky
  D.   Coop

4. What is Ryan Atwood's religion?
  A.   Jewish
  B.   Christian
  C.   Muslim
  D.   not disclosed

5. In season 2, both Seth and Marissa dated Alex. What was Alex's ex-girlfriend's name?
  A.   Jodi
  B.   Kitty
  C.   Lindsay
  D.   Gracey

6. What was the name of Julie Cooper Nickle's porn film?
  A.   "Porn and Newport"
  B.   Break My Back Mountain"
  C.   "Porn Identity"
  D.   "Beach and the Bitch"

7. What is Ryan's real Mom's name?
  A.   Kirsten
  B.   Julie
  C.   Rene
  D.   Dawn

8. In season 2, Ryan's guidance counselor tells him that he would be good as a:
  A.   boxer or a bouncer
  B.   architect
  C.   model
  D.   house husband to Marissa Cooper

9. Julie Cooper Nickle's magazine is called:
  A.   "Newport Living"
  B.   "Rich and the Famous"
  C.   "The Nickle's"
  D.   "OC Living"

10. Where did Seth, Trey and Alex work at one point?
  A.   The Crab Shack
  B.   The Newport Group
  C.   The Baitshop
  D.   The OC Mall®   

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