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Trivia Quiz - Seinfeld -- All About George

Questions about Seinfeld's pathological liar, George Costanza. Great Seinfeld trivia!

Quiz Number: 1156
Date Submitted: May 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Seinfeld
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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Seinfeld  All About George
(Image Source: Seinfeld Cast)

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1. George met Jerry in gym class when he fell from a rope and landed on him. What high school did they attend?
  A.   JFK
  B.   Buchanan
  C.   Jefferson
  D.   Rydell

2. What does George say his family regards as a "moral equivalent of patronizing a prostitute"?
  A.   leaving a tip at a restaurant
  B.   paying for cable
  C.   paying for parking
  D.   tollbooths

3. George has a reaction to holistic medicine and is on his way to the hospital. The 2 ambulance drivers get into a fight over what candy?
  A.   Junior Mints
  B.   Pez
  C.   Milky Way
  D.   Chuckles

4. While with Elaine's father, George has a song stuck in his head. What is the name of that song?
  A.   "Keeper of the Keys"
  B.   "Master of the House"
  C.   "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?"
  D.   "Lemon Tree"

5. While looking into his favorite mirror at Monk's, George thinks he resembles which actor?
  A.   Paul Newman
  B.   Al Pacino
  C.   Robert Redford
  D.   Robert Wagner

6. George learned of a baldness cure while watching who on CNN?
  A.   Harry Fong
  B.   Xiang Xao
  C.   Bruce Willis
  D.   President of the Hair Club for Men

7. When George scalped the opera tickets, what fake name did George give the man?
  A.   Harry Fong
  B.   Harry Wang
  C.   Harry Chang
  D.   Harry Wong

8. In the Parking Garage episode, George is supposed to meet his parents for their anniversary celebration. How many years were they married?
  A.   44
  B.   45
  C.   46
  D.   47

9. To make himself sound casual over the phone while talking to women, what does George do?
  A.   yawns
  B.   eats an apple
  C.   smokes a cigarette
  D.   listens to the Yankees game

10. What does George do because he thinks it will attract women?
  A.   wears velvet
  B.   wears a wedding ring
  C.   leaves his shirt open
  D.   chews gum®   

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