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Trivia Quiz - Where Did These Companies Start? Part 2

Do you know where these national companies got their start?

Quiz Number: 1286
Date Submitted: June 03, 2007
Quiz Categories: Business
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Where Did These Companies Start Part 2
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1. Where did Starbucks get started?
  A.   Portland, OR
  B.   San Francisco, CA
  C.   Seattle, WA
  D.   Boise, ID

2. Where did Wal-mart get started?
  A.   Rogers, AR
  B.   Jackson, MS
  C.   Little Rock, AR
  D.   Tampa, FL

3. Where did Nike Headquarters get started?
  A.   Denver, CO
  B.   Beaverton, OR
  C.   Madison, WI
  D.   Tacoma, WA

4. Where did Krispy Kreme get started?
  A.   Charlotte, WV
  B.   Canton, OH
  C.   Edenville, SC
  D.   Winston-Salem, NC

5. Where did Nordstrom get started?
  A.   Seattle, WA
  B.   Boston, MA
  C.   New York City, NY
  D.   San Mateo, CA

6. Where did Red Lobster get started?
  A.   Lakeland, FL
  B.   Portland, ME
  C.   Bar Harbour, ME
  D.   Providence, RI

7. Where did KFC get started?
  A.   Nashville, TN
  B.   Topeka, KS
  C.   Baton Rouge, LA
  D.   Corbin, KY

8. Where did Kmart get started?
  A.   Garden City, MI
  B.   Mill Valley, CA
  C.   Danville, OH
  D.   Indianapolis, IN

9. Where did Arby's get started?
  A.   Memphis, TN
  B.   Raleigh, NC
  C.   Kansas City, MO
  D.   Boardman, OH

10. Where did Borders Bookstore get started?
  A.   Ann Arbor, MI
  B.   South Bend, IN
  C.   Boston, MA
  D.   Colorado Springs, CO®   

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