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Trivia Quiz - The Horses My Heroes Rode

We all know the heroes names, but do we know the names of their horses?

Quiz Number: 1287
Date Submitted: June 03, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Western Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: wrangler
Average Score: 51 percent
Times Taken: 309 times
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The Horses My Heroes Rode
(Image Source: Horse)

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1. I carried Nick Barkley as long as possible, he finally had to retire me.
  A.   Buck
  B.   Diablo
  C.   CoCo
  D.   Bronco

2. This was a big job, but I was able to carry Hoss Cartwright.
  A.   Homer
  B.   Chubb
  C.   Midnight
  D.   Windy

3. Rowdy Yates was my rider.
  A.   Monty
  B.   Pal
  C.   Tony
  D.   Midnight

4. I was a gift to Little Joe Cartwright
  A.   Cheyenne
  B.   Apache
  C.   Cherokee
  D.   Chocise

5. The Cisco Kid rode me.
  A.   Diablo
  B.   Pancho
  C.   Jose
  D.   El Lobo

6. I carried Ben Cartwright with dignity and grace.
  A.   Topper
  B.   Buck
  C.   Zero
  D.   Buckshot

7. Another big man to carry, I carried Matt Dillon.
  A.   Midnight
  B.   Zeke
  C.   Bill
  D.   Buck

8. My job to carry Dale Evans was the best.
  A.   Trigger, Jr
  B.   Buck
  C.   Buttermilk
  D.   Bullet

9. Wild Bill Hickok rode me.
  A.   Scout
  B.   Diablo
  C.   Buckshot
  D.   Midnight

10. I looked like another famous horse, I carried Hopalong Cassidy.
  A.   CoCo
  B.   Cheyenne
  C.   Silver
  D.   Topper®   

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