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Trivia Quiz - Masters Tournament Firsts

Masters Tournament questions about who did what, when, and how old they were

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Masters Tournament Firsts
(Image Source: Masters Golf Logo)

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1. The first player to record 6 Masters wins:
  A.   Greg Norman
  B.   Ben Hogan
  C.   Jack Nicklaus
  D.   Tiger Woods

2. The first Masters winner at the tender age of 21:
  A.   Tiger Woods
  B.   Nick Price
  C.   Seve Ballesteros
  D.   Ben Hogan

3. The first Masters winner to be over the age of 46:
  A.   Jimmy Demaret
  B.   Arnold Palmer
  C.   Sam Snead
  D.   Jack Nicklaus

4. The first wire-to-wire winner took place in 1941. Who was it?
  A.   Sam Snead
  B.   Ben Hogan
  C.   Jimmy Demaret
  D.   Craig Wood

5. Who was the first golfer to record 15 top five finishes?
  A.   Ben Hogan
  B.   Arnold Palmer
  C.   Tiger Woods
  D.   Jack Nicklaus

6. Who was the first player to participate in an amazing 49 consecutive Masters Tournaments?
  A.   Ben Hogan
  B.   Sam Snead
  C.   Jack Nicklaus
  D.   Arnold Palmer

7. Who was the first player to record a score of 63 for a round of 18 holes?
  A.   Tiger Woods
  B.   Greg Norman
  C.   Nick Price
  D.   David Toms

8. Who was the first SENIOR player to record a score of 66 for a round of 18 holes?
  A.   Ben Hogan
  B.   Sam Snead
  C.   Raymond Floyd
  D.   Billy Casper

9. Who was the first player to tally the super-low score of 270 for 72 holes?
  A.   Jack Nicklaus
  B.   Raymond Floyd
  C.   Ben Crenshaw
  D.   Tiger Woods

10. Who was the first first-year player to record a score of 278?
  A.   Toshi Izawa
  B.   Tiger Woods
  C.   Seve Ballesteros
  D.   David Love III®   

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