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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2

Can you name the child of a famous parent? If parent and child share the same last name, only first names are used.

Quiz Number: 1425
Date Submitted: July 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 55.9 percent
Times Taken: 201 times
Taken by Registered Users: 34

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Celebrities Their Celebrity Children 2
(Image Source: Drew Barrymore @ Hollywood Celebrity Pictures)

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1. Who is Meryl Streep's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Margie Fusik
  B.   Mamie Gummer
  C.   Katie Ellertson
  D.   Lilliana Williams

2. Who is Jack Nicholson's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Lorraine
  B.   Skylar
  C.   Maggie
  D.   Samantha

3. Who is Susan Sarandon's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Erica Robens
  B.   Erin Magner
  C.   Elisa Scott
  D.   Eva Amurri

4. Who is Goldie Hawn's celebrity son?
  A.   Oliver Hudson
  B.   Jimmy Russel
  C.   Jackson Boyles
  D.   Sammie Jones

5. Who is Ron Howard's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Lori
  B.   Bryce
  C.   Margaret
  D.   Juli

6. Who is Kevin Costner's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Kelli
  B.   Jill
  C.   Lily
  D.   Danielle

7. Who is Sissy Spacek's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Schuyler
  B.   Lisa
  C.   Heidi
  D.   Krissy

8. Who is Anthony Perkins' celebrity son?
  A.   Jack
  B.   Mark
  C.   Rossi
  D.   Oz

9. Who is Billy Joel's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Alexa Ray
  B.   Kelly Jo
  C.   Lisa Jean
  D.   Chris Ann

10. Who is Sidney Poitier's celebrity daughter?
  A.   Tamara
  B.   Hazel
  C.   Jillian
  D.   Sydney®   

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