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Trivia Quiz - The Wonder Years: American Comedy-Drama

How much do you remember about the trials and tribulations of Kevin Arnold of "The Wonder Years"?

Quiz Number: 1452
Date Submitted: July 09, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Dramadey
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tazzytina
Average Score: 84.8 percent
Times Taken: 172 times
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The Wonder Years American Comedy Drama
(Image Source: The Wonder Years)

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1. In The Wonder Years who played the character Kevin Arnold?
  A.   Jason Hervey
  B.   Dan Lauria
  C.   Fred Savage
  D.   Daniel Stern

2. What time period was the show set to begin in The Wonder Years?
  A.   60's
  B.   50's
  C.   90's
  D.   80's

3. In The Wonder Years what was the name of Kevin's on again off again girlfriend?
  A.   Karen
  B.   Norma
  C.   Winnie
  D.   Carla

4. Who is Kevin's best friend in The Wonder Years?
  A.   Wayne
  B.   Daniel
  C.   Jason
  D.   Paul

5. Which character lost their brother in Vietnam on the show The Wonder Years?
  A.   Kevin
  B.   Carla
  C.   Paul
  D.   Winnie

6. A mention of whose name causes Paul to sneeze?
  A.   Winnie Cooper
  B.   Karen Arnold
  C.   Carla Healy
  D.   Wayne Arnold

7. Who sang the version of the theme song "With a Little Help from My Friends" for the show Wonder Years?
  A.   Billy Joel
  B.   Joe Cocker
  C.   Bob Dylan
  D.   The Beatles

8. The narrator was the grown up version of which character in the Wonder Years?
  A.   Wayne
  B.   Paul
  C.   Kevin
  D.   Jack

9. What was the name of the junior high school Kevin and his friends attended?
  A.   Thomas Jefferson
  B.   Robert F. Kennedy
  C.   William McKinley
  D.   Abraham Lincoln

10. In what year did the final episode air?
  A.   1991
  B.   1992
  C.   1993
  D.   1995®   

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