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Trivia Quiz - New York Yankees: 2000 Season Part 1

Any true Yankee fan should do well on this quiz! -bill

Quiz Number: 1499
Date Submitted: August 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: MLB American League East
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 55.7 percent
Times Taken: 139 times
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New York Yankees 2000 Season Part 1
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1. The 2000 Yankees were managed by whom?
  A.   Billy Martin
  B.   Stump Merrill
  C.   Joe Torre
  D.   Buck Showalter

2. Who did the Yankees defeat in the 2000 American League Championship Series?
  A.   Oakland Athletics
  B.   Cleveland Indians
  C.   Kansas City Royals
  D.   Seattle Mariners

3. Where in the standings did the Yankees finish during the regular season?
  A.   1st
  B.   2nd
  C.   3rd
  D.   4th

4. The 2000 World Series was nicknamed:
  A.   The Bronx Series
  B.   The Sky Scraper Series
  C.   The Big Apple Series
  D.   The Subway Series

5. Who led the 2000 Yankees in batting average during the regular season (minimum 100 at bats)?
  A.   David Justice
  B.   Bernie Williams
  C.   Derek Jeter
  D.   Glenallen Hill

6. What starting pitcher led the 2000 Yankees in ERA during the regular season (minimum 65 innings pitched)?
  A.   Ramiro Mendoza
  B.   Orlando Hernandez
  C.   Andy Pettitte
  D.   Roger Clemens

7. The Yankees defeated whom in the 2000 American League Divisional Series?
  A.   Oakland Athletics
  B.   Cleveland Indians
  C.   Kansas City Royals
  D.   Seattle Mariners

8. How many games did the Yankees win during the 2000 regular season?
  A.   between 80 and 85
  B.   between 86 and 91
  C.   between 92 and 96
  D.   more than 96

9. Which regular Yankee starter played the entire 2000 regular season without recording an error?
  A.   Derek Jeter
  B.   Bernie Williams
  C.   Chuck Knoblauch
  D.   Tino Martinez

10. Who was the MVP of the 2000 World Series?
  A.   Mike Stanton
  B.   Derek Jeter
  C.   Roger Clemens
  D.   Paul O'Neill®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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