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Trivia Quiz - Chevy Chase: Personal Life of a Celebrity

How much do you know about Chevy Chase's personal life?

Quiz Number: 1609
Date Submitted: September 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lagunaxgirl
Average Score: 38.8 percent
Times Taken: 77 times
Taken by Registered Users: 16
Quiz is about: Chevy Chase

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Chevy Chase Personal Life of a Celebrity
(Image Source: Photo by Alan Light)

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1. Chevy has a degree from Bard College in which area of study?
  A.   History
  B.   English
  C.   Psychology
  D.   Music

2. Where was Chevy born?
  A.   Chevy Chase, Maryland
  B.   Los Angeles, California
  C.   Woodstock, NY
  D.   Miami, Florida

3. He was nicknamed "Chevy" by whom?
  A.   his mother
  B.   his father
  C.   his grandmother
  D.   his grandfather

4. Chevy's oldest daughter's name is:
  A.   Caley
  B.   Emily
  C.   Cydney
  D.   Audrey

5. Chevy admits to a fear of what?
  A.   heights
  B.   dogs
  C.   snakes
  D.   spiders

6. Chevy is a big fan of what type of music?
  A.   heavy metal
  B.   jazz
  C.   classical
  D.   bluegrass

7. An urban myth has it that Chevy was suspended from Haverford College for bringing what into a 3rd floor campus building?
  A.   horse
  B.   goat
  C.   pig
  D.   cow

8. While in college, Chevy played in a band called The Leather Canary. What instrument did he play?
  A.   bass
  B.   drums
  C.   guitar
  D.   piano

9. During the 2004 Presidential campaign, Chevy once called President Bush a:
  A.   stupid shit
  B.   dumb f*ck
  C.   f*ck up
  D.   ass hole

10. In a 1980 interview, Chevy joked about this actor being gay and was later sued by this same actor:
  A.   Rock Hudson
  B.   Marlon Brando
  C.   Cary Grant
  D.   Gene Kelly®   

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