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Trivia Quiz - Rear Window: Hitchcock Classic

This is my favorite Hitchcock film. If you've seen it as many times as I have, this should be pretty easy.

Quiz Number: 1623
Date Submitted: September 18, 2007
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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Rear Window Hitchcock Classic
(Image Source: Rear Window)

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1. Who played the main character, L.B. Jefferies?
  A.   Cary Grant
  B.   Anthony Perkins
  C.   James Stewart
  D.   Raymond Massey

2. What did Jefferies suspect his neighbor of doing?
  A.   stealing money
  B.   killling his wife
  C.   selling drugs
  D.   terrorism

3. Jefferies' suspect's name was:
  A.   Larry Thornwell
  B.   Lenny Thorwald
  C.   Lars Thorwald
  D.   Louis Thorman

4. Another neighbor, Miss Loneyheart, was thinking of committing suicide. What stopped her?
  A.   Jeffries calling out to her
  B.   the music from the songwriters apartment
  C.   the dog barking outside her window
  D.   someone at the door

5. What was Jeff's nurse's name?
  A.   Annie
  B.   Nancy
  C.   Stella
  D.   Thelma

6. Jeff had a nickname for his attractive dancing neighbor. What was it?
  A.   Miss High Kicks
  B.   Miss Torso
  C.   Miss Leotards
  D.   Miss Dancer

7. How do Jeff & Lisa know there is "something" planted in the garden?
  A.   the dirt was spilled over
  B.   the shovel was next to it
  C.   the flowers were of a different height than previously
  D.   there were different flowers than previously

8. What did Lisa steal from the suspect's apartment?
  A.   handbag
  B.   wallet
  C.   a letter
  D.   wedding ring

9. What was Lisa's full name?
  A.   Lisa Carol Freemont
  B.   Lisa Marie Freemont
  C.   Lisa Louise Freemont
  D.   Lisa Karen Freemont

10. Hitchcock has a cameo in all his pictures. Where is he seen in this film?
  A.   in the garden
  B.   walking the dog
  C.   in the songwriter's apartment
  D.   on the staircase®   

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