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Trivia Quiz - Desperate Housewives: Residents of Wisteria Lane

Identify the actor who plays each "Desperate Housewives" character.

Quiz Number: 1696
Date Submitted: October 22, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Dramadey
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 87.9 percent
Times Taken: 82 times
Taken by Registered Users: 12

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Desperate Housewives Residents of Wisteria Lane
(Image Source: Desperate Housewives Title Source)

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1. Who plays Bree Van De Kamp?
  A.   Andrea Bowen
  B.   Teri Hatcher
  C.   Joy Lauren
  D.   Marcia Cross

2. Who plays Susan Mayer?
  A.   Teri Hatcher
  B.   Eva Longoria Parker
  C.   Brenda Strong
  D.   Shirley Booth

3. Who plays Gabrielle Solis?
  A.   Nicollette Sheridan
  B.   Marcia Cross
  C.   Eva Longoria Parker
  D.   Valerie Bertinelli

4. Who plays Edie Britt?
  A.   Heather Locklear
  B.   Felicity Huffman
  C.   Nicollette Sheridan
  D.   Andrea Bowen

5. Who plays Lynnette Scarvo?
  A.   Felicity Huffman
  B.   Brenda Strong
  C.   Jane Seymour
  D.   Andrea Bowen

6. Who plays Mary Alice Young?
  A.   Teri Hatcher
  B.   Brenda Strong
  C.   Marcia Cross
  D.   Joy Lauren

7. Who plays Carlos Solis?
  A.   Jesse Metcalfe
  B.   Kyle MacLachlan
  C.   Mario Lopez
  D.   Ricardo Chavira

8. Who plays Mike Delfino?
  A.   Dougray Scott
  B.   James Denton
  C.   Doug Savant
  D.   Mark Moses

9. Who plays Orson Hodge?
  A.   Kyle MacLachlan
  B.   Steven Culp
  C.   James Denton
  D.   Richard Burgi

10. Who plays Tom Scarvo?
  A.   Jesse Metcalfe
  B.   Doug Savant
  C.   Mark Moses
  D.   Ricardo Chavira®   

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