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Trivia Quiz - Blazing Saddles: Western Spoof!

Any "Blazing Saddles" fan (like me) should do well on these! -bill

Quiz Number: 1730
Date Submitted: November 04, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Western Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 77.4 percent
Times Taken: 523 times
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Blazing Saddles Western Spoof
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1. The Old West town in which the movie was set:
  A.   Rock Valley
  B.   Rock Ridge
  C.   Raven Ridge
  D.   Elk Pass

2. What natural barrier forces the crew to try and build the railroad through the town?
  A.   lake
  B.   swamp
  C.   mountains
  D.   quicksand

3. What swing pianist made a cameo appearance in the film?
  A.   Count Basie
  B.   Buddy Johnson
  C.   Harry Connick, Jr.
  D.   Duke Ellington

4. What don't the townspeople like about the new sheriff?
  A.   he's Irish
  B.   in their minds, he's too stupid
  C.   he's an ex-con
  D.   he's black

5. What is the name of Hedley Lamarr's flunky assistant?
  A.   Gabby
  B.   Kramer
  C.   Taggart
  D.   Lefty

6. The alcoholic gunslinger, Jim, is also known as:
  A.   "Jimmy the Kid"
  B.   "The Waco Kid"
  C.   "Prairie Punk"
  D.   "Jimmy Quick Draw"

7. What is the name of the immensely strong, extremely stupid but sentimental henchman?
  A.   Mongo
  B.   Bubba
  C.   Bingo
  D.   Shot Rod

8. Of what nationality is Lily Von Shtupp?
  A.   German
  B.   Austrian
  C.   Czechoslovakian
  D.   Hungarian

9. How does Olson Johnson describe Gabby Johnson's motivating speech about his dedication to the town?
  A.   "disgustingly stupid"
  B.   "authentic frontier gibberish"
  C.   "exciting and motivating"
  D.   "mountain man mumbling"

10. How do the townspeople slow the progress of the criminals on their way to destroy the town?
  A.   they get the railroad workers to slow them up
  B.   they put up a brick wall
  C.   they put up a toll booth
  D.   they dress like ghosts to scare them®   

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