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Trivia Quiz - Australian Football League: Port Adelaide's 2007 Season

Port may have been trashed in the Grand Final but let's remember the rest of Port Adelaide's 2007 season. if you're an Aussie and a Port fan, this will be as easy as pie but if you're not...well I guess you'll have a hard time unless you're lucky.

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Date Submitted: November 08, 2007
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Author: deconstruction
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Australian Football League Port Adelaides 2007 Season
(Image Source: Australian Football League)

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1. Who won Port's best 1st year player award in 2007?
  A.   Nathan Krakouer
  B.   Travis Boak
  C.   Justin Westhoff
  D.   Robbie Gray

2. Who was the only Port player to have a Mark of the Year nomination in 2007?
  A.   Daniel Motlop
  B.   Damon White
  C.   Brett Ebert
  D.   Steven Salopek

3. In Round 1, Port came from 34+ points down to win 16 points up. From what quarter did Port launch its stunning comeback?
  A.   1st qtr
  B.   2nd qtr
  C.   3rd qtr
  D.   4th atr

4. Who was the only Port player suspended in 2007?
  A.   Matt Thomas
  B.   Daniel Motlop
  C.   Michael Wilson
  D.   Shaun Burgoyne

5. Chad Cornes mainly played what position in 2007?
  A.   midfield (ruck rover, center and the wing)
  B.   center half back
  C.   full-forward
  D.   half-back

6. Where was Peter Burgoyne moved within the 2007 season? (Clue: he started the year in the midfield but was moved to this position)
  A.   half-back and back pocket
  B.   full-forward
  C.   half forward and forward pocket
  D.   center half back

7. Who kicked the last goal of the game to hand Port the win in Rnd 21 vs Geelong?
  A.   Travis Boak
  B.   Warren Tredrea
  C.   Justin Westhoff
  D.   Domenic Cassisi

8. In what round did Travis Boak make his debut in 2007?
  A.   Rnd 10 (vs Hawthorn)
  B.   Rnd 12 (vs Essendon)
  C.   Rnd 2 (vs Kangaroos)
  D.   Rnd 11 (vs Carlton)

9. Against what teams did Justin Westhoff shoot his 4 goal hauls?
  A.   Adelaide, Essendon, Carlton, Brisbane Lions
  B.   Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide
  C.   Carlton (twice), Fremantle, West Coast
  D.   none of the above

10. How many times did Brett Ebert shoot his career best goal hauls in 2007? (clue: his career best goal hauls were more than 4 goals)
  A.   thrice
  B.   twice
  C.   once
  D.   never shot more than 4 goals®   

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