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Trivia Quiz - A Christmas Story: A Great Christmas Movie!

Don't "shoot your eye out" by taking this quiz about the characters and plot surrounding the holiday classic, "A Christmas Story"!

Quiz Number: 1844
Date Submitted: December 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 64.4 percent
Times Taken: 846 times
Taken by Registered Users: 44

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A Christmas Story A Great Christmas Movie
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1. At what store did Ralphie & Randy see Santa?
  A.   Edwards
  B.   Grands
  C.   Higbees
  D.   Wexmans

2. On what street did Ralphie and his family live?
  A.   Maple
  B.   Cleveland
  C.   Harding
  D.   Jefferson

3. What was the last name of Ralphie's teacher?
  A.   Brooks
  B.   Simon
  C.   Shields
  D.   Crabtree

4. Where did Ralphie say Flick saw some grizzly bears?
  A.   school playground
  B.   Pulaski's Candy Store
  C.   Wilson's Market
  D.   baseball field

5. What was Ralphie's favorite radio program?
  A.   Little Orphan Annie
  B.   The Lone Ranger
  C.   The Shadow
  D.   The Green Lantern

6. Who gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole?
  A.   Ralph
  B.   Randy
  C.   Schwartz
  D.   Flick

7. Who made the pink bunny suit for Ralphie?
  A.   his grandmother
  B.   his Aunt Clara
  C.   his Aunt Catherine
  D.   his Aunt Cora

8. What did the secret decoded message tell Ralphie to drink?
  A.   Bosco
  B.   Cocoa Marsh
  C.   Ovaltine
  D.   Nestle's Quik

9. What dare did Flick skip?
  A.   Double Dare
  B.   Double Dog Dare
  C.   Triple Dare
  D.   Triple Dog Dare

10. What was the name of the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse?
  A.   Charlie
  B.   Sam
  C.   Bob
  D.   Victor®   

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