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Trivia Quiz - Random Historical Facts

Try you luck at these random historical facts!

Quiz Number: 1961
Date Submitted: December 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 47.4 percent
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Random Historical Facts
(Image Source: MSNBC)

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1. Boy Scouts of America was founded in what year?
  A.   1899
  B.   1910
  C.   1917
  D.   1923

2. Who was the first U.S. president to serve two non-consecutive terms?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Cleveland
  C.   Kennedy
  D.   Adams

3. Fireworks set fire to this singer's hair during the taping of a Pepsi-Cola commercial:
  A.   Brittany Spears
  B.   Jennifer Lopez
  C.   Micheal Jackson
  D.   Janet Jackson

4. What dating method concluded that Shroud of Turin is not Jesus' burial cloth?
  A.   Carbon 14
  B.   Carbon 361
  C.   Methaine
  D.   Methylcholororisthiainone

5. When did KFC (then Kentucky Fried Chicken) start operating by serving hamburgers and hot dogs?
  A.   1957
  B.   1955
  C.   1946
  D.   1975

6. The Space Needle, the world's first revolving restaurant, opened in what city in 1961?
  A.   Toronto, Ontario Canada
  B.   San Fransico, CA
  C.   New York, NY
  D.   Seattle, WA,

7. The largest TV audience of World Cup Soccer tunes in from what country?
  A.   England
  B.   Brazil
  C.   France
  D.   Italy

8. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" first warped into America's living room when?
  A.   1982
  B.   1987
  C.   1990
  D.   1985

9. What year were floppy disks introduced?
  A.   1963
  B.   1967
  C.   1970
  D.   1980

10. Who was the first major League player to strike out 4,000 batters?
  A.   Nolan Ryan
  B.   Andrew Ryan
  C.   Ken Griffy
  D.   Ken Griffy Jr.®   

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