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Trivia Quiz - Stephanie Plum: Spunky Literary Character: Part 2

How well do you know Stephanie?

Quiz Number: 1986
Date Submitted: January 08, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 89.7 percent
Times Taken: 89 times
Taken by Registered Users: 11

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Stephanie Plum Spunky Literary Character Part 2
(Image Source: Stephanie Plum @ Fantastic Fiction)

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1. What is Stephanie's favorite doughnut?
  A.   glazed
  B.   Boston creme
  C.   crueller
  D.   she hates doughnuts

2. Stephanie's niece thinks she is what kind of animal?
  A.   dog
  B.   cat
  C.   horse
  D.   cow

3. Name the drag queen Steph becomes friends with:
  A.   Sally Sweet
  B.   Joe Morelli
  C.   Ranger
  D.   Vincent Plum

4. Name the Little Person Stephanie has to apprehend:
  A.   Lula
  B.   Connie
  C.   Randy
  D.   Val

5. What kind of pet does Stephanie have?
  A.   hamster
  B.   rabbit
  C.   gerbil
  D.   canary

6. Where does Steph keep her gun?
  A.   closet
  B.   cookie jar
  C.   nightstand
  D.   she doesn't have one

7. What best describes Lula?
  A.   plus size
  B.   petite
  C.   slender
  D.   average

8. What does Stephanie keep destroying?
  A.   houses
  B.   shoes
  C.   dishes
  D.   cars

9. Where is Stephanie from?
  A.   Trenton
  B.   Philly
  C.   New York City
  D.   Owasso

10. What's Morelli's dog's name?
  A.   Dave
  B.   Bill
  C.   Bob
  D.   Edgar®   

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