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Trivia Quiz - The Hatfields & The McCoys: American Feud

This quiz focuses on the most famous American feud. We got Hatfield and McCoy feud history, facts and legend!

Quiz Number: 2039
Date Submitted: January 12, 2008
Quiz Categories: American History, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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The Hatfields  The McCoys American Feud
(Image Source: West Virginia Culture)

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1. Where did the famous feud take place?
  A.   Harper's Ferry West Virginia
  B.   The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
  C.   Along the Ohio RIver between Ohio and Kentucky
  D.   Along the Tug Fork in West Virginia and Kentucky

2. Who was the leader of the Hatfield family?
  A.   Jim Hatfield
  B.   William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield
  C.   Morgan Hatfield
  D.   Sally Ann Hatfield

3. Who was the leader of the McCoy family?
  A.   Lorenzo Dow McCoy
  B.   Randolph "Ole Ran'l" McCoy
  C.   Selkirk McCoy
  D.   Frank McCoy

4. What started the feud?
  A.   A Hatfield wanted to marry a McCoy
  B.   The death of Asa Harmon McCoy
  C.   Dispute over ownership of a hog
  D.   All of the above were contributing factors

5. Which McCoy woman married a Hatfield?
  A.   Roseanna
  B.   Nancy
  C.   Cindy Lou
  D.   Jennifer

6. What industries were the Hatfield's source of income?
  A.   coal mining and pig farming
  B.   timber and moonshine
  C.   farming and moonshine
  D.   they were lawyers and teacher

7. Between 1880 and 1891 how many members of the two families were killed as a part of the feud?
  A.   more than a dozen
  B.   2
  C.   365
  D.   almost 2 dozen

8. When Johnse Hatfield was kidnapped by the McCoys who rode back to the Hatfield's to alert them?
  A.   Johnse himself
  B.   Roseanna McCoy
  C.   Devil Anse Hatfield
  D.   Pharmer McCoy

9. What sides were the Hatfields and McCoys on during the American Civil War?
  A.   Hatfields and McCoys both fought for the Confederacy
  B.   Hatfields were Confederate, McCoys were Confederate and some Union as well
  C.   Hatfields were Union, McCoys Confederate
  D.   Hatfields and McCoys both fought for the Union

10. When did the feud come to its "official" end?
  A.   June 14, 1901
  B.   June 14, 1891
  C.   June 14, 1979
  D.   June 14, 2003®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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