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Trivia Quiz - Hilary Duff: Movie Roles

What do you know about Hilary Duff's movie roles?

Quiz Number: 2153
Date Submitted: February 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars' Movie Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: catherine
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Quiz is about: Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff Movie Roles
(Image Source: Hilary Duff @ Optimus News)

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1. Hilary's first credited film role was in what 1998 film?
  A.   True Women
  B.   Casper Meets Wendy
  C.   Playing by Heart
  D.   The Soul Collector

2. What type of film was "The Soul Collector" (1999) in which Hilary played the role of Ellie?
  A.   made-for-television
  B.   theatrical release
  C.   Disney Channel Original Movie
  D.   independent film

3. In which 2003 film did Hilary Duff play the role of Natalie Connors?
  A.   Playing by Heart
  B.   Cheaper by the Dozen
  C.   Human Nature
  D.   Agent Cody Banks

4. What role did Hilary play in the 2003 film "Cheaper by the Dozen?"
  A.   Lorraine Baker
  B.   Linda Baker
  C.   Loretta Baker
  D.   Laura Baker

5. In 2000, Hilary won the following award: "Best Performance in a TV Movie or Pilot - Supporting Young Actress." What organization awarded it to her?
  A.   Teen Choice Awards
  B.   Academy Awards
  C.   Young Artist Awards
  D.   Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, USA

6. In "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" (2003), Hilary plays the role of Lizzie but also plays the role of what Italian teen-pop idol?
  A.   Inez Karageorgio
  B.   Isadora Didinato
  C.   Ingrid Bruggio
  D.   Isabella Parigi

7. What role did Hilary play in the 2004 film "A Cinderella Story?"
  A.   Samantha "Sam" Montgomery
  B.   Terri Fletcher
  C.   Lorraine Baker
  D.   Holly Hamilton

8. In which 2004 film did Hilary Duff play the role of Terri Fletcher?
  A.   In Search of Santa
  B.   Material Girls
  C.   The Perfect Man
  D.   Raise Your Voice

9. In what year did Hilary star in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2?"
  A.   2004
  B.   2005
  C.   2006
  D.   2007

10. In which of the following films did Hilary star with her older sister, Haylie?
  A.   Material Girls
  B.   The Perfect Man
  C.   Raise Your Voice
  D.   Cadet Kelly®   

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