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Trivia Quiz - Friends' Characters: Chandler Bing

What do you know about Friends' Character, Chandler Bing?

Quiz Number: 2189
Date Submitted: March 01, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Friends
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 66.7 percent
Times Taken: 1,398 times
Taken by Registered Users: 39

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Friends Characters Chandler Bing
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1. What is Chandler's middle name?
  A.   Mark
  B.   Muriel
  C.   Melanie
  D.   Michael

2. In a classic crossover, Chandler Bing appeared in what other sitcom besides "Friends"?
  A.   Caroline in the City
  B.   Seinfeld
  C.   Grace Under Fire
  D.   3rd Rock from the Sun

3. After Joey moved out, Chandler had a psycho roommate. What was his name?
  A.   Steve
  B.   Mike
  C.   Eddie
  D.   Chip

4. After heavy drinking, Chandler kissed one of Joey's sisters,and couldn't remember which one. What was her name?
  A.   Mary Alice
  B.   Mary Angela
  C.   Mary Louise
  D.   Mary Elena

5. Chandler's subscription label on this magazine reads "Chanandeler Bong". What magazine is it?
  A.   Sports Illustrated
  B.   People
  C.   Reader's Digest
  D.   TV Guide

6. Chandler started his relationship with Monica in what season?
  A.   3rd
  B.   4th
  C.   5th
  D.   6th

7. As an excuse to get rid of Janice, chandler says he's moving where?
  A.   Yemen
  B.   China
  C.   Canada
  D.   Greenland

8. What does Chandler put in his coffee?
  A.   3 sugars, no cream
  B.   2 Equals, 1 cream
  C.   1 Sweet & Low, 1 cream
  D.   1 sugar, no cream

9. Chandler had a third what?
  A.   big toe
  B.   testicle
  C.   nipple
  D.   pinky toe

10. What did Monica and Chandler name their adopted twins?
  A.   Erica and Jack
  B.   Morgan and Ross
  C.   Megan and Charles
  D.   Yasmine and Joey®   

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