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Trivia Quiz - Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and Screen

The life of Helen Keller has been portrayed since the early 1900's on stage and screen. What do you know about these productions?

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Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: Helen A Keller

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Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and Screen

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1. The silent film "Deliverance" was made in 1919. Who played Helen Keller as a young lady?
  A.   Ann Mason
  B.   Edith Lyle
  C.   Ardita Mellinin
  D.   Tula Bela

2. "The Miracle Worker" is the name of many dramatic works about Helen. Who coined the phrase "Miracle Worker" to reference Helen's companion, Annie Sullivan?
  A.   Captain Keller
  B.   James Fennemore Cooper
  C.   President Woodrow Wilson
  D.   Mark Twain

3. On Playhouse 90's production of "The Miracle Worker" who played Helen Keller?
  A.   Elizabeth Taylor
  B.   Patricia McCormack
  C.   Janet Leigh
  D.   Madelyn Rhue

4. "The Miracle Worker" became a Broadway production in 1959. Who played Helen?
  A.   Patty Duke
  B.   Mary Martin
  C.   June Allyson
  D.   Brooke Shields

5. The award-winning film "The Miracle Worker" was in theaters in 1962. Who played Helen Keller in this film?
  A.   Sally Field
  B.   Shelly Fabres
  C.   Jodie Foster
  D.   Patty Duke

6. Who played Helen in the 1979 TV movie remake of "The Miracle Worker?"
  A.   Laura Linney
  B.   Stephanie Zimbalist
  C.   Melissa Gilbert
  D.   Kellie Martin

7. In 2000, another version of "The Miracle Worker" was made for TV. Who played Helen in this movie?
  A.   Lindsay Lohan
  B.   Hallie Kate Eisenberg
  C.   Allyson Blilock
  D.   Mylie Cyrus

8. Another TV movie of Helen's life was made in 1984. Who played her in "The Miracle Continues?"
  A.   Reese Witherspoon
  B.   Jodie Foster
  C.   Kellie Martin
  D.   Mare Winningham

9. A 2005 Hindi Bollywood movie was based on Helen Keller's life. What was its title?
  A.   "Glass Mask"
  B.   "Black"
  C.   "Broken"
  D.   "Alone"

10. Many documentaries have been made about Helen Keller. Who narrated "Helen Keller in Her Story?"
  A.   Katherine Cornell
  B.   Kathleen Turner
  C.   Auddrey Hepburn
  D.   Katherine Hepburn®   

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