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Trivia Quiz - American Government 101

These ten questions cover basic principles of American government that every United States citizen should know. Great American government quiz!

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Date Submitted: April 14, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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American Government 101
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1. What are the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution known as?
  A.   Ex Post Facto Clauses
  B.   Articles of Confederation
  C.   Bill of Rights
  D.   Bill of Attainder

2. What are the three branches of the American government?
  A.   Executive, homeland security, legislative
  B.   Executive, legislative, judicial
  C.   Legislative, judicial, congress
  D.   Preisdent, house, senate

3. How many members are in the United States Senate?
  A.   50
  B.   100
  C.   75
  D.   200

4. What is the term of office for a member of the House of Representatives?
  A.   2 years
  B.   4 years
  C.   6 years
  D.   3 years

5. How many justices are on the United States Supreme Court?
  A.   7
  B.   10
  C.   8
  D.   9

6. The Constitution provides that if the president and vice president both die in office, who then becomes president?
  A.   Senate Majority Leader
  B.   President Pro Tem of the Senate
  C.   Speaker of the House
  D.   Secretary of State

7. Which of the following correctly describe how a new Supreme Court justice gets into office?
  A.   Nominated by the President; voted on by the Senate
  B.   Nominated by the President; voted on by Congress
  C.   Nominated by Congress; voted on by Congress
  D.   Nominated by the President; voted on by the House

8. A candidate for the office of President of the United States must be at least how old, according to the Constitution?
  A.   21
  B.   35
  C.   50
  D.   18

9. Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution addresses the right to bear arms?
  A.   2nd
  B.   5th
  C.   1st
  D.   7th

10. If a U.S. President vetoes a bill, how many votes are needed in the Senate to override it?
  A.   51
  B.   75
  C.   A majority of the members present at the time the override is voted on
  D.   67®   

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