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Trivia Quiz - Obscure Television Shows of the 1970s

In terms of weird TV shows, the 70s takes a back seat to no other decade (or at least I think so). Each of the folowing questions describes an obscure TV series that was aired briefly in the 70s before going off to cancellation land. Can you guess the sho

Quiz Number: 2410
Date Submitted: April 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Obscure Television Shows of the 1970s
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1. This 1973 sitcom ran for about two months on CBS before being canceled. It starred James Coco as the supervisor of an unemployment office in New York City. Can you name the show?
  A.   Calucci's Department
  B.   Hardly Working
  C.   Astoria Place
  D.   Gotta Job?

2. In this 1978-79 drama on CBS, Ron Liebman played Martin Kazinsky, an ex-convict who got his law degree in prison and went to work as a criminal defense attorney in a prestigious law firm after his release. What was the name of this show?
  A.   Going Straight
  B.   Marty
  C.   Kaz
  D.   Con Job

3. What was the name of the series that aired on ABC from 1970 to 1971 about a group of Revolutionary War patriots that starred Rick Ely and Louis Gossett Jr.?
  A.   The Young Patriots
  B.   Our Country
  C.   Freedom Fighters
  D.   The Young Rebels

4. In this 1970-71 ABC series, Christopher George starred as a stunt driver who was ruthlessly pursued by a wealthy man because of his rare blood type, which makes him immune to all known diseases. What was this show?
  A.   The Immortal
  B.   Blood Ties
  C.   Living Forever
  D.   Life in the Blood

5. What 1979 ABC series starred Andy Griffith as a junk dealer who builds his own spacecraft in order to salvage all the "space junk" left in outer space and on the moon from various space missions?
  A.   Junk One
  B.   Salvaging Space
  C.   Salvage One
  D.   Space Cleanup

6. This very short-lived 1971 NBC show starred George Kennedy as a cop who decides to become a Catholic priest after the murder of his wife. What was name of this show?
  A.   Sarge
  B.   Keeping Faith
  C.   The Blue Knight
  D.   Heaven's Beat

7. Long before directing "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", Mel Brooks tried his hand at bringing a comedy version of Robin Hood to the small screen. Unfortunately, it bombed. What was this show called?
  A.   When Things Were Rotten
  B.   Robbing The Rich
  C.   Yay for Robin Hood
  D.   Robin Hood: Men in Leotards

8. Oliver Clark and Beverly Archer starred in this 1977 CBS sitcom about a "role reversal" marriage; he cooked and cleaned and she worked outside of the home. What was the name of the show?
  A.   We've Got Each Other
  B.   Trading Places
  C.   I'll Wash and Dry
  D.   Just You and Me

9. What 1977 ABC comedy series followed the exploits of five guys living in a houseboat on the beach?
  A.   The Long Beach Losers
  B.   The Kings of Pismo Beach
  C.   Life's a Beach
  D.   The San Pedro Beach Bums

10. This 1972-73 NBC adventure series featured one of three actors (Doug McClure, Hugh O'Brian; Tony Franciosa) on alternating weeks playing an agent for World Securities Corporation, whose activities were monitored from a high tech control center called "Pro
  A.   World Securities
  B.   Search
  C.   Probe
  D.   Omega Probe®   

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