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Trivia Quiz - Television Lawyers

These questions are about television characters who were lawyers. Some of them are pretty easy while others are pretty hard. Have fun!

Quiz Number: 2423
Date Submitted: April 17, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Television Lawyers
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1. The star of this show, named for its star, played attorney Paul Sims. Can you guess the show?
  A.   The Paul Reubens Show
  B.   The Paul Anka Show
  C.   The Richard Paul Show
  D.   The Paul Lynde Show

2. Actor Carl Betz went from playing a doctor in "The Donna Reed Show" to playing a criminal defense lawyer in this legal series, which aired on ABC from 1967 to 1969. What was the show?
  A.   The Carl Betz Show
  B.   The Defenders
  C.   Reasonable Doubts
  D.   Judd for the Defense

3. David James Elliott played a Navy lawyer on the series "JAG", which aired from 1995 to 2005. What does "JAG" stand for?
  A.   Judge Attorney General
  B.   Judge Advocate General
  C.   Jurist Advocate General
  D.   Jurist Attorney General

4. Who played lawyer Dave Crabtree on the 1965 NBC sitcom "My Mother The Car"?
  A.   Jerry Van Dyke
  B.   Avery Schreiber
  C.   Don Defore
  D.   Leslie Nielsen

5. What was the name of the fast talking lawyer voiced by the late Phil Hartman on "The Simpsons"?
  A.   Joe Quimby
  B.   Cletus Spuckler
  C.   Lionel Hutz
  D.   Lenny Leonard

6. On "The Cosby Show", which member of the Huxtable family was a lawyer?
  A.   Sondra
  B.   Clair
  C.   Elvin
  D.   Denise

7. What successful TV lawyer decided to quit practicing law in New York and pursue his lifelong goal of farming by buying the Haney place near Hooterville?
  A.   Oliver Wendell Holmes
  B.   Oliver Wade Douglas
  C.   Oliver Wendell Douglas
  D.   Oliver Waldo Homes

8. Which of the following TV sitcom characters was a lawyer?
  A.   Gus Angel ("Date With the Angels")
  B.   John Barnett ("Center of the Universe")
  C.   Stuart Hibbard ("We've Got Each Other")
  D.   Lester Bellman ("Busting Loose")

9. What 70s TV cop was going to law school in his off duty hours?
  A.   Dominic Delvecchio ("Delvecchio")
  B.   Bumper Morgan ("The Blue Knight")
  C.   Bert D'Angelo ("Bert D'Angelo, Superstar")
  D.   Pepper Anderson ("Police Woman")

10. In "The Rockford Files", who was Jim Rockford's lawyer friend who was usually getting him out of one scrape or another?
  A.   Dennis Becker
  B.   Angel Martin
  C.   Beth Davenport
  D.   Gandolph Fitch®   

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