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Trivia Quiz - They Died Young --- How Did They Die?

This is a quiz about famous people who died young and how they died.

Quiz Number: 2476
Date Submitted: April 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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They Died Young   How Did They Die
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1. How did Dean-Paul Martin, actor, son of singer/actor, Dean Martin die?
  A.   Military jet crash
  B.   Race car crash
  C.   Drowned in swimming pool
  D.   Accidently shot by sister's boyfriend

2. How did actress Jayne Mansfield die?
  A.   Plane crash
  B.   Automobile accident
  C.   Shark attack
  D.   Murdered by her jealous boyfriend

3. How did Sal Mineo, American film and theater actor, die?
  A.   shot by a cat burglar
  B.   run over by a speeding hit and run driver
  C.   drowned in a hot tub
  D.   stabbed to death in an alley

4. How did Ronnie VanZant, singer/musician die?
  A.   Tour bus run off road by another vehicle and went over a cliff
  B.   Shark attack
  C.   Plane Crash
  D.   Murdered by an obsessed fan

5. How did James Dean, American actor, die?
  A.   Car crash during a race
  B.   Car crash during time trial for a race
  C.   Head on collision while driving to a race
  D.   Suicide

6. How did Buddy Holly, singer/musician, die?
  A.   Bus wreck on icy roads
  B.   Accidental overdose
  C.   Alcohol poisoning
  D.   Plane crash

7. How did actress Marilyn Monroe die?
  A.   Fall down a flight of stairs while drunk
  B.   drug overdose
  C.   Drowned while swimming in ocean
  D.   poisoned

8. How did Diana, Princess of Wales die?
  A.   drowned while swimming in ocean
  B.   plane crash
  C.   automobile accident
  D.   run down by a hit and run driver

9. How did Judy Garland, Actress/singer die?
  A.   An unintentional overdose
  B.   Fell asleep while driving
  C.   drowned in the bathtub
  D.   Alcohol poisoning

10. How did Keith Whitley, Country singer/musician die?
  A.   Accidently shot himself while cleaning his gun
  B.   Shot by maid who thought he was an intruder
  C.   Hit by a drunk driver
  D.   Alcohol poisoning®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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