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Trivia Quiz - Pittsburgh Penguins: 1990-91 Season

How much do you know about the 1990-91 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship Season?

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Date Submitted: May 01, 2008
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Pittsburgh Penguins 1990 91 Season
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1. The Penguins were coached by whom in the 1990-1991 season?
  A.   Scotty Bowman
  B.   Bob Johnson
  C.   Craig Patrick
  D.   Kevin Constantine

2. What Patrick Division seed were the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1991 Stanley Cup playoffs?
  A.   1st seed
  B.   2nd seed
  C.   3rd seed
  D.   4th seed

3. What team did the Penguins defeat in the 1991 Prince of Wales Conference Finals?
  A.   Washington Capitals
  B.   Buffalo Sabres
  C.   Montreal Canadiens
  D.   Boston Bruins

4. What Penguin won the Conn Smythe Trophy (most valuable player in the Stanley Cup playoffs) in 1991?
  A.   Tom Barrasso
  B.   Paul Coffey
  C.   Mario Lemieux
  D.   Phil Bourque

5. Kevin Stevens and one other player led the Penguins with 40 goals in the 1990-91 season. Who was the other player?
  A.   Mario Lemieux
  B.   Mark Recchi
  C.   John Cullen
  D.   Jaromir Jagr

6. During the Stanley Cup Finals, a back problem forced Mario Lemieux to sit out of which game?
  A.   Game 1
  B.   Game 2
  C.   Game 3
  D.   Game 4

7. Who scored the empty net goal for the Penguins in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals to help win the game by a score of 5-3?
  A.   Phil Borque
  B.   Troy Loney
  C.   Jaromir Jagr
  D.   Ulf Samuelsson

8. How many goals did the Penguins score during the first period of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals en route to a 6-4 victory over the Stars?
  A.   3 goals
  B.   4 goals
  C.   5 goals
  D.   6 goals

9. Jaromir Jagr was the Penguins' #1 draft choice in the 1990 season. Who was the Penguins' second draft pick in 1990?
  A.   Ian Moran
  B.   Brian Farrell
  C.   Chris Tamer
  D.   Joe Dziedzic

10. The Penguins clinched the Stanley Cup by winning Game 6 in blowout fashion. What was the final score of the Game 6 shutout?
  A.   6-0
  B.   7-0
  C.   8-0
  D.   9-0®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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