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Trivia Quiz - Looking For Mr. Goodbar Movie Facts

General trivia on the 1977 drama, "Looking For Mr. Goodbar"

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Date Submitted: May 05, 2008
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Author: jasmin
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Looking For Mr. Goodbar Movie Facts
(Image Source: Looking for Mr. Goodbar)

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1. This 1977 film, taken from the novel by Judith Rossner, was based on a true story. Who played the lead character, Theresa Dunn, in the movie?
  A.   Susan Sarandon
  B.   Diane Keaton
  C.   Tuesday Weld
  D.   Jane Fonda

2. What is Theresa's profession in both the novel and the movie?
  A.   Cocktail Waitress
  B.   Lounge Singer
  C.   Teacher
  D.   Social Worker

3. In what city was the movie set?
  A.   Chicago
  B.   Philadelphia
  C.   Boston
  D.   New York

4. What was Theresa's favorite night-time activity?
  A.   Frequenting singles bars
  B.   Going to movies
  C.   Singing kareoke
  D.   Reading poetry aloud

5. Theresa was raised as a member of what religion?
  A.   Jewish
  B.   Catholic
  C.   Protestant
  D.   Methodist

6. LeVar Burton starred as what character in the movie?
  A.   Cap Jackson
  B.   Tony Lo Porto
  C.   Gary
  D.   Barney

7. The music in the film was from popular artists of the time. What famous female singer's music was heard in several scenes in the movie?
  A.   Gloria Gaynor
  B.   Cher
  C.   Donna Summer
  D.   Linda Ronstandt

8. Which of the following actors made his acting debut in the movie?
  A.   Harrison Ford
  B.   Richard Dreyfuss
  C.   John Travolta
  D.   Richard Gere

9. Theresa is seen in the bars reading a novel that was also a very famous movie about the Mafia. What was the name of the book? Hint: Diane Keaton also starred in the movie based on this novel that was released some years earlier.
  A.   The Godfather
  B.   Gangs Of New York
  C.   Goodfellas
  D.   The Don

10. Warning - this question contains a spoiler. Theresa hits on the wrong man towards the end of the film. What was her tragic fate?
  A.   she was strangled to death
  B.   she was shot to death
  C.   she was stabbed to death
  D.   she was drowned®   

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