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Trivia Quiz - St. Elsewhere: Realistic Medical Drama

How much do you know about the characters and plot lines in this NBC medical drama of the 80s? I love "St. Elsewhere"!

Quiz Number: 2505
Date Submitted: May 05, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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St. Elsewhere Realistic Medical Drama
(Image Source: St. Elsewhere @ Wikipedia)

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1. What was the name of the doctor played by David Birney during St. Elsewhere's first season?
  A.   Dr. Samuel Benjamin
  B.   Dr. Hugh Beale
  C.   Dr. Ben Samuels
  D.   Dr. Alan Poe

2. Which St. Elsewhere character died as the result of cardiac arrest brought on by bulimia?
  A.   Lucy Papandrao
  B.   Wendy Armstrong
  C.   Joan Halloran
  D.   Shirley Daniels

3. Which of the doctors on St. Elsewhere was nicknamed "Boomer"?
  A.   Fiscus
  B.   Ehrlich
  C.   Morrison
  D.   Caldwell

4. Dr. Westphall made television history when he was shown doing what in an episode of St. Elsewhere?
  A.   Standing at a men's room urinal
  B.   Getting a colonoscopy
  C.   Mooning the hospital administrator
  D.   Getting a vasectomy

5. In one memorable episode of St. Elsewhere, orderly Luther Hawkins participates in a dream study and imagines himself in a video for what band?
  A.   ZZ Topp
  B.   Duran Duran
  C.   Aerosmith
  D.   Hall & Oates

6. What St. Elsewhere doctor was attacked and sodomized by a convict while treating inmates at a local prison?
  A.   Wayne Fiscus
  B.   Elliott Axelrod
  C.   Victor Ehrllice
  D.   Jack Morrison

7. Who was the hospital rapist?
  A.   Elliott Axelrod
  B.   Peter White
  C.   Michael Ridley
  D.   Seth Griffin

8. Mark Harmon was played Dr. Bobby Caldwell, a plastic surgeon at St. Eligius, for three seasons. How was his character written off the show?
  A.   He died in a hospice from AIDS contracted through a prostitute.
  B.   He was offered and accepted a fellowship at Johns-Hopkins.
  C.   He was attacked by a disgruntled patient and quit his job.
  D.   He joined the service and was transferred to Lebanon.

9. In a rare TV series "crossover", what three St. Elsewhere doctors stopped for a beer at Cheers on their way home from work in an episode of St. Elsewhere?
  A.   Westphall, Craig, and Auschlander.
  B.   Fiscus, Chandler, and Ehrlich.
  C.   Craig, Ehrlich, and Cavanero
  D.   Westphall, Axelrod, and Craig.

10. What was the name of the Hospital corporation that bought St. Eligius?
  A.   Humana
  B.   Caducea
  C.   Ecumena
  D.   Hipocrata®   

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