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Trivia Quiz - A Whole New World

From the movie Aladdin. One of my favourite movies- BubblyJolie

Quiz Number: 2604
Date Submitted: June 05, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music, Animated Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 60.9 percent
Times Taken: 23 times
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A Whole New World
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1. Who composed the song "A Whole New World"?
  A.   Alan Rice
  B.   Alan Menken
  C.   Tim Rice
  D.   Tim Menken

2. Who wrote the lyrics for the song?
  A.   Alan Rice
  B.   Tim Rice
  C.   Alan Menken
  D.   Celine Dion

3. The song won an award for best original song what year was it?
  A.   1991
  B.   1990
  C.   1992
  D.   1993

4. The song was the only song to hit #1 in what country?
  A.   Japan
  B.   Ireland
  C.   US
  D.   UK

5. This gave the composer his third win and second consecutive after what movie?
  A.   Beauty and the Beast
  B.   Newsie
  C.   Rockteer
  D.   Cool Runnings

6. What movie is this song from?
  A.   Beauty and the Beast
  B.   Cool Runnings
  C.   Newsies
  D.   Aladdin

7. What two characters sang the song?
  A.   Aladdin & Jasmine
  B.   The Beast & Belle
  C.   Jack & David
  D.   Derice & Sanka

8. The Original Motion Picture is with what label company?
  A.   One Note
  B.   Columbia
  C.   Tri-Star
  D.   Last Note

9. When was the single realeased?
  A.   November 1992
  B.   October 1991
  C.   November 1991
  D.   October 1992

10. What song replace A Whole New World on the The Billboards Hot 100 as #1
  A.   Beauty and the Beast
  B.   Informer
  C.   I'll be there for you
  D.   Iris®   

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